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Featured Jobs

Owls Head Pile Cluster, Vibratory Hammer in Brooklyn, New York
Installation of an 18 Pile Cluster or Dolphin with 65' 12" 2.5 CCA Timber Piles read more
Flanagans Dry Dock Repair
Flanagans Dry Dock Repair Flanagans Contracting is repairing a dry dock facility in Bayonne NJ. A new sheet wall system was installed. The Bayonne Dry Dock is one of the largest on the east coast. Flanagans is driving 60' sheets for the sheet wall. They also were driving some heavy 40' H?beams as part of the false work. An ICE 44B vibro was used to install the sheeting and H?beams. Deadlines were crucial as usual, as there are not many dry docks of this size available. When the end of ..... read more
NDDC Jetty, in Nigeria
Pelfaco is currently working on a Jetty facility located in Nigeria Africa. Pelfaco will be driving 2500 piles the width of 40cm about 16 inches to the driving depth of 8 to 12 meters. There are two 44 vibro/595 power unit packages running to complete this project. Pelfaco is very satisfied with the speed and reliability of the equipment. After persistent and consistent effort they were able to drive sheets at an average of 5 minutes each. read more
MC800 at W.T.C. Memorial
Navillus Contracting working at the World Trade Center Memorial Navillus contracting is installing 9 5/8" micro piles at the World Trade Center Memorial. The micro piles are being drilled with a Comacchio MC800 Drill Rig provided by ICE. These micro piles are part of the foundation at the World Trade Center Memorial project. The foundation is for a stair case that will bring people into the memorial. As with a lot of Manhattan drilling jobs the soils were expected to have obstructions, ..... read more
HS-50 outside Sanderson Florida
HS-50 outside Sanderson Florida Superior Construction based out of Jacksonville FL is using an ICE HS-50 Auger for a bridge replacement project. The project named 229 over South Prong Swamp. Materials being driven are concrete poles 35 ft deep and driving the remainder of the piles driven with a diesel impact hammer. Using the HS-50 flighting and leads to place 100 concrete piles, the bridge is estimated to be completed by November of 2013 once complete, Superior Construction will ..... read more
Puente de La Amistad
Puente de Amistad (the friendship bridge) project is being headed up by contractor Tradeco in Mexico from la Ciudad Del Carmen to Isla Aquada will sit a bridge or causeway that is a 3200 meter long structure in the state of Campeche. Project design will be of the causeway construction starting at both ends of the islands working towards the middle to an eventual connection point to make one giant causeway for more convenient travel and accessibility between islands. Some techniques and ..... read more
Masonville Vessel Berth at Masonville Marine Terminal
Masonville Marine terminal is a state of the art facility that consists of nearly 50 acres, the specialization of the terminal is to handle the importing, exporting and processing of automobiles. 6 original test piles were driven with the ICE I-100 diesel hammer when testing conclusions were made to the pile design to allow for higher allowable tensile stresses and the hammer was switched out for the ICE I-80 due to the I-100 being too much hammer even on its lowest setting. Some ..... read more
Schiavone Construction RT 72 Bridge Project
Schiavone Construction was recently awarded the Route 72 Bridge Project going over Manahawkin Bay in Long Beach Island NJ. The project calls for building a new bridge next to the existing bridge. Then the existing bridge will be refurbished. Schiavone Construction is driving sheets of various sizes, 75' long pipe piles & H?beams with 2 ICE 50B vibro's. The 50B's have adapters so a sheeting clamp can be installed on the caisson beam, which makes changing from the caisson set up to the ..... read more
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge project
At the magnificent Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge project, China Harbour used an innovative way to drive 46 sheet piles to form a half circular cofferdam at the same time. International construction Equipment, Inc. supplied the Six-1412B hammer setups, with 46 sheet pile clamps precisely positioned through special fabricated adapter plates. Successful operation with driving time less than 10 minutes. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project is located offshore next to the Hong Kong ..... read more
Providence Viaduct Project for I-95
The ICE 18ZR Vibratory Driver/Extractor with their 350E Power Unit is in action driving steel piles for the Providence Viaduct Project for I-95. The project consists of the replacement of I-95 Providence Viaduct, a 1,290-foot bridge that carries I-95 through the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. The project includes replacing the existing structure by constructing two new independent bridge structures and rebuilding the adjacent ramp structures north and south of the viaduct. Initial ..... read more
New Shipping Terminal in Hamilton, Bermuda.
New Shipping Terminal in Hamilton, Bermuda. Modification to the Cruise-ship docking facility on Heritage Wharf on Ireland Island, Bermuda Ireland Island is just a short ferry ride from Hamilton, Bermuda and is where large cruise ships dock in order to route tourist traffic while preserving the quaint view of the island of Bermuda. Modification to the shipping terminal, Heritage Wharf is currently underway at Ireland Island's, Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda to serve Norwegian Cruise Line ..... read more
ICE 8E Drives Though Permafrost in Alaska
8E Driven through permafrost The need to drive 40ft beams through a frozen solid block of permafrost resulted in a custom fabricated longer extension. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE) came to the rescue with customized service; by customizing a built extension to use on the ICE 8E Excavator Mounted Hammer. This extension was coupled to work with other equipment as well for versatility. About the ICE 8E Excavator-Mounted Hydraulic Vibratory Driver/Extractor: High ..... read more
Coffer Dam Project in Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Hong Kong International Airport. ICE Vibratory Hammers were used to drive a total of 136, 32m diameter cofferdams for the Hong Kong man made island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project. Its Location is offshore next to the Hong Kong International Airport, just north of Lantau Island. Each is constructed by 196 pieces of flat web sheet piles. The cofferdams will form a permanent outer wall as a boundary of the man made island, so they won't be extracted as the ..... read more
Cross Harbor Facility Restoration
Cross Harbor Facility Restoration - Railroad Construction Company Inc. When Super Storm Sandy came thru the northeast, the Cross Harbor Facility in Jersey City, NJ was damaged and the structures had to be rebuilt. The Cross Harbor Facility is for loading service trains onto barges in Jersey City, NJ then sailing them across the river to Brooklyn, NY. The facility also receives service trains from Brooklyn. This is the Port Authority of NY & NJs only crossing for the service trains ..... read more
Shore Stabilization Structure, Walkway & Park Installation
Flanagans Contracting Group Rebuilds Jersey City Shoreline The Hudson River Walkway is a projected park system and series of walkways that run from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee NJ to the Bayonne Bride in Bayonne NJ. It is a linear park that is on the waterfront of NJ. It gives unhindered access to the waters edge and the New York City skyline. Large segments of the project have already been completed. One of the largest missing links in the walkway was in Jersey City ..... read more
HISTORIC ROVA FARMS Pile driving necessity is accomplished with ZR technology The Rova Farms Bridge in Ocean County, NJ was originally built in 1929 as part of the infrastructure that is known today as historic Rova Farms. Located in Jackson Township, NJ, the bridge is being replaced with steel and concrete structure to protect the bridge from flooding & water damage. The historic location of Rova Farms Bridge was discovered by Russian settlers in the 1700s. It became a gathering place ..... read more
Glen Cove Ferry Terminal
Chesterfield Associates, Glen Cove Ferry Terminal Project When Jeff Grube, General Manager of Chesterfield Associates was working on his bid for the Glen Cove Ferry Terminal Water Borne & Site Improvements , he knew he would have some challenges but not something that was out of their scope of work. The project was to be done in 3 phases & Chesterfield Associates won the bid for the 1st phase. The project is in Glen Cove NY, which is the north western shore of Long Island (about 45 minutes ..... read more
i-46 in Alaska
ICE I-46 driving 36"pile read more
Driving double 20' sheets
The job is in Helmetta NJ. They are driving double 20' sheets (MSZ-312 sheets) for part of a dam project. They are permanent sheets. They drove about a 200 yard long sheet wall. The excavator is a John Deere 270 C. read more
6E in NJ
Driving a 20 H-beam, road plate, and 20' sheets The job was in Deal Lake NJ (the NJ shore) . They were redoing the wall that goes around the lake. The excavator used was a Caterpillar 328 LCD. read more
Marine Transfer Station, Brooklyn NY
JH Reid is driving 12.75" x 65' pipe piles for a new transfer station in Brooklyn. There new I-19 was added to there fleet of equipment for this job. read more
World Trade Center Tower 2
Intercoastal Foundations & Shoring is using a Commachio MC800 drilling 8" & 12" micro piles up to 65' deep for the foundation of WTC Tower 2. The MC800 is the operators choice & has more performance than the other drill rigs on the site. read more
28B on the railroad in Mexico
In the photos and video the 28B is driving 1.6m X 12m Casing. It is taking less than 10min to drive the casing as seen in video. They are constructing several miles of RR track for service to a new Shipping port in Manzanillo, Mexico. The project is expected to last 2 years. At the time this video was taken, there were 2 28's on this job... As the job has expanded, there are more ICE hammers working, including our 44 and 66 series hammers. read more
LA4 in Brooklyn
Soil Solutions is using a LA4 to drill 9 5/8" micro-piles in a school in Brooklyn. The piles are for an elevator shaft that is being installed. The power unit is outside the building, keeping the smoke & noise outside. The job was so quiet you could talk on a cell phone 3' from the drilling operation. read more
44B on NJ Turnpike
MG Forge is driving sheets in the 30' to 50' range on the NJ Turnpike. They are building cofferdams for a foundation of a bridge going over the NJ Turnpike. read more
CSX Mobile River Bridge
Driving 42" X 120-135' 5/8" wall thickness pipe piles. Scott Bridge is renting an I-100 in our OS-60. They chose this size hammer based on weap analysis that were done by Colin as well as other engineering firms. They opted for a bigger hammer to decrease the number of blows per foot due to the proximity to an existing bridge. The piles are being driven next to an existing bridge that is currently an active track. CSX owns the bridge that is being replaced, and averages more than one ..... read more
Pulling Sheets at the Stadium
4450 pulling sheets with a 90 degree plate in front of the new & old Giants Stadium. This was for one of the access ramps for the new stadium. read more
Flood wall Bayou Barataria
Driving 14" H pile 140' long on severe batter angles (5/12) See B. Spatz for additional description read more
Corps of Engineers Harvey Floodwall
127' - 140' 14" H piles on severe batters (5/12 & 6/12) for floodwall foundation. Part of a 2 mile stretch of floodwall contract that was awarded to Cajun Construction. read more
LA4 in action in Queens NY
LA4 in action in Queens NY. There is low head room with all kinds of plumbing in the ceiling to work around. We are fixing a issue where someone dug down 25 next to this building without any kind of shoring. The building started to collapse. The LA4 is being used to shore it up with 9 5/8 mini piles. read more
MCF04.1 Bridge
Photos of the MCF04.1 on a job next to the Queensboro bridge in Queens NY. read more
Model 50 in NY City
A promoinent NY City contractor is driving AZ39-700 x 50' long sheets in NYC. The new model 50 was used. It drove the double sheets to grade with no problem. They also had some lighter sheets that were 50' long, at times they could drive 2 doubles to grade. read more
Allan Myers PA turnpike bridge project
Predrill for H piles on Pennsylvania Turnpike. Job consisted of pre-drilling for 10" H piles both vertical and battered. read more
LA4 in Lancaster Pa
Installation of Micro Piles for plant upgrade read more
28-35 Vibro driving sheet pile
Photo of an ICE vibro driving sheet piling next to the Pilemer being used by Boh Brothers Construction on the same flood control project next to Peters Rd. in Harvey, La. for the Corps of Engineers. read more
ICE #I-30 driving 24
Photos of the first production piles by Shavers-Whittle with an ICE #I-30 driving 24" square concrete piles. This project is for the bridge adjacent to our new property in Belle Chasse. read more
ICE #60-S diesel hammer driving long H-piles
This photo shows an ICE #60-S diesel hammer driving long H-piles, as a sub-contractor to Cajun Contractors, along Peters Rd. in Harvey, La. for a flood protection project. The contractor, Gulf South Piling and Construction, is currently only working at night (due to proximity to offices and business that are staffed during daylight hours. read more