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Diesel Hammer

A diesel hammer by ICE is one of the most durable and reliable pieces of pile driving equipment available.

A diesel impact hammer by ICE uses a fuel injection system that ensures maximum uptime. By eliminating the need for greasing we are able to further increase productivity. 

Our hammer also uses cylinder scavanging to ensure a cooler operation and automatic oil lubrication to both the upper and lower cylinders.

As an option, an electronic energy output monitoring system is available.

Diesel hammers were one of the first impact equipment used in the US.  Europe employed the hammers prior to the US adapting the construction methodology.  The diesel hammer replaced the pneumatic hammer due to its ability to increase impact and drive larger piles.

How It Works

The hammer is started by lifting the ram piston with the load line until the trip mechanism automatically releases the ram piston.  The ram piston falls and actuates the cam of the fuel pump that delivers a measured amount of diesel fuel that falls into a cup formed in the top of the anvil.  Continuing its downfall, the ram piston blocks the exhaust ports and begins compression of air trapped between the ram piston and the anvil.  The compression of the trapped air creates a preloading force on the anvil, the drive cap and the pile.  The gravity propelled ram piston strike the anvil, delivering its impact energy to the pile.

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