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International Construction Equipment
International Construction Equipment
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PDCA Chairperson of the year award April 14, 2014

Pollyanna Cunningham, was presented by the Pile Driving Contractors Association Board, the chairman of the year award for her work with the PileDriver mag and the PDCA website development. Pollyanna was quoted saying, "this award really belongs to the communications committee members and not me. Thank you for recognizing us. This is a true honor."

Cunningham has severed on the PDCA Board for the past 2-years and as committee chairperson of communications for 4-years.  She has helped the organization's members feel welcome at events and is always willing to help support the contractors, suppliers and educators within this organization.

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I Make America April 14, 2014

Located in Matthews, NC, ICE® manufactures pile driving and drilling equipment since 1974. "Anything built over three stories requires a deep foundation to create a safe structure. Our engineers, machining crew and assembly teams hand build this equipment in Matthews, NC." Says Christian Cunningham, ICE® Chief Operating Officer. In this year alone, our team in Matthews, NC engineered, machined & assembled the USA's largest vibratory hammer.

"Manufacturing machines built in America helps our local economy grow" states Kurt Seufert, ICE Chief Financial Officer. "We invest in our people as well. Many of our Team Members have been working with ICE for 20-years or more." Not only does ICE support its employees and families but continues to push forward on infrastructure across the USA in support of its customers.

ICE has been the recipient 3-years running of the Pillar of the Industry Award given by the AEM, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, in its "I Make America" campaign. This year is harder than most for the team at ICE as it continues to try and earn it's pillar of the industry award. "We are overly active in trying to get more representation to focus on the importance of companies creating jobs in Union County, North Carolina, including increased infrastructure funding." Says ICE Marketing Director, Pollyanna Cunningham.

" We joined the "I Make America" campaign when we learned the US government was sending out job bids and not informing USA manufacturers, accepting international quotes without domestic competition." states Seufert. "It hurts not only ICE®, a family owned company, but also our local economy. We have been working on outreach ever since. However, because we are a small company, it is hard to get the attention to these issues by ourselves."

ICE® has learned from the AEM outreach programing (I MAKE AMERICA campaign) that infrastructure investment is a proven economic engine with staying power. It creates lasting jobs and economic benefits to our customers while helping us to employee more team members in NC, according to the latest info from the AEM. 89% of Americans agree "America needs to dramatically increase manufacturing jobs so our economy can keep pace with other countries" according to AEM polls. As you probably know, 45% of U.S. roads are in less than good condition and 12% of bridges are structurally deficient, according to the Council on State Governments. If these AEM stats are true, 66% of voters believe "Given current economic conditions, it's a good time to build and repair America's roads and bridges."

Our team does everything possible to keep our employees working but without continual funding to infrastructure, like bridges and road work, our customers' construction companies do not have the need to use foundation equipment. In turn this can cause a decrease in our manufacturing production and a decrease in jobs right here in NC.

We are positive looking into the future and hope for another 40-years of building foundation equipment in Matthews, NC.
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Jimmy Deloach Connector Project January 24, 2014

State Transportation officials have launched the construction of the Ports Crucial "Last Mile" Jimmy Deloach Connector Project. The much anticipated "Last Mile" is a key transportation infrastructure component for the Port of Savannah. Companies using the new and much larger post-Panamax ships can expect cost-effective and time-efficient methods of transporting good to and from the Port.
Prime Contractor Archer Western Contractors LTD of Atlanta is the prime contractor of the Jimmy Deloach Connector project. The $72.8 million dollar project that will extend the current Deloach Parkway to State Route 307/Bourne Ave near the Port's main gate, a 3.1 mile Deloach connector. The goal of this project is to have the estimated 8000 daily truck drivers visiting the port to travel along a four lane limited access route to and from Interstate 95, which will alleviate traffic from the already congested State Route 21/Augusta Highway.
The presence of ICE equipment is on site as they have an I-62, HS-50 and a Model 28 vibro hooked up and ready to go. Quality and reliability represents these 3 pieces of equipment, the ICE I-62 diesel hammer will be driving all the concrete pole sizes 16" 18" and 24". The ICE HS-50 will be used to pre-drill holes to se these concrete piles that the I-62 will be driving. The ICE Model 28 Vibro will be used to drive 45" sheet piles for the retaining walls as needed.
ICE will help contribute to the projects success of reducing the amounts of time, costs and even emissions required to move products to and from the international market place. The Deloach connector will be built roughly parallel to S.R.21 it will include the construction of six new bridges, new interchanges and 25 acres of wetlands mitigation. The Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Ports Authority tell residents they can rest assured that the Port of Savannah will continue to provide the best services for its customers and economic opportunities throughout the Southeast. When completed the Jimmy Deloach Parkway will provide direct access from I-95 to the Port of Savannah and help to form a cargo beltway serving the fourth busiest and single largest container terminal in North America; work is scheduled to be completed in May of 2016.

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