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ICE Micropile

Comacchio Drill Rigs have a Patented Mast Movement making them even more versatile for Micropile Jobs
Micropiles (also called minipiles) are high-performance, high-capacity drilled and grouted piles withICE Micropile Equipment in Action diameters typically 5" 12". These micropiles can extend to depths of 200 feet and can take loads as small as 3 tons or as high as 200 tons.

Generally, micropiles are applicable when there are problems with using conventional deep foundation systems. These problem conditions include: obstructions, adjacent structures, limited access job sites, and other shaky areas like caves, sinkholes, underground rivers.  For example, micropiles are commonly the preferred foundation choice in the challenging areas that feature nearby buildings and difficult access.  
The unique characteristics of micropile offers advantages when other deep foundation systems are not applicable include:
  • Limited access situations due to size of equipment 
         Use the ICE LA-4 for these jobs with up to 9 5/8 casing size
  • Environmentally sensitive projects because they create relatively little disturbance to the surrounding area
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Arresting Structural Settlement
  • Resisting Uplift/Dynamic Loads
  • Underpinning
  • Reticulated Pile Wall

Installation techniques vary depending on the load bearing specifications of the project. The selection of the installation technique depends largely on soil conditions and load transfer requirements.
Common Uses of Micropiles

  • To replace deteriorating foundation systems
  • To provide extra support for structures during renovation
  • To provide pile foundations where access, geology or environment prevent the use of other methods
  • To support structures affected by adjacent excavation, tunneling or de-watering activities
  • To provide a fast, effective alternative to more traditional underpinning methods

Benefits of Micropiles

  • Can be installed through most ground condition, obstruction and foundation at any incline.
  • Ensure minimum vibration or other damage to foundation and subsoil.
  • Can be installed in as little headroom as 6' and close to existing walls.
  • Depending on situation, could actually allow facility operations to be maintained during construction.
  • Simple and economical connection to existing and new structures.
  • Can be preloaded to working load before connecting to particularly sensitive structures.

The micropile drill rigs offered by ICE include the following and are designed for use in restricted areas using any of the micropile techniques. 
Comacchio MC800
Comacchio MC1200 - Micropile Speed Installation due to its long mast stroke
Comacchio MCF04.1