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International Construction Equipment
International Construction Equipment
301 Warehouse Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
Phone: 704 821-8200
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ICE® - International Construction Equipment, Inc. (Est 1974) is celebrating 40-years in business.
Located in Matthews, NC, ICE® manufactures pile driving and drilling equipment since 1974.  "Anything built over three stories requires a deep foundation to create a safe structure. Our engineers, machining crew and assembly teams hand build this equipment in Matthews, NC." Says Christian Cunningham, ICE® Chief Operating Officer.  In this year alone, our team in Matthews, NC engineered, machined & assembled the USA's largest vibratory hammer.
"Manufacturing machines built in America helps our local economy grow" states Kurt Seufert, ICE® Chief Financial Officer.  "We invest in our people as well. Many of our Team Members have been working with ICE for 20-years or more."  Not only does ICE support its employees and families but continues to push forward on infrastructure across the USA in support of its customers. 
ICE® has been the recipient 3-years running of the Pillar of the Industry Award given by the AEM, Association of Equipment Manufacturers, in its "I Make America" campaign.  This year is harder than most for the team at ICE as it continues to try and earn its pillar of the industry award.  "We are overly active in trying to get more representation to focus on the importance of companies creating jobs in Union County, North Carolina, including increased infrastructure funding." Says ICE® Marketing Director, Pollyanna Cunningham. 
"We joined the "I Make America" campaign when we learned the US government was sending out job bids and not informing USA manufacturers, accepting international quotes without domestic competition." states Seufert.  "It hurts not only ICE®, a family owned company, but also our local economy.  We have been working on outreach ever since.  However, because we are a small company, it is hard to get the attention to these issues by ourselves."
ICE® has learned from the AEM outreach programing (I MAKE AMERICA campaign) that infrastructure investment is a proven economic engine with staying power.  It creates lasting jobs and economic benefits to our customers while helping us to employee more team members in NC, according to the latest info from the AEM.  89% of Americans agree "America needs to dramatically increase manufacturing jobs so our economy can keep pace with other countries" according to AEM polls.   As you probably know, 45% of U.S. roads are in less than good condition and 12% of bridges are structurally deficient, according to the Council on State Governments.   If these AEM stats are true, 66% of voters believe "Given current economic conditions, it's a good time to build and repair America's roads and bridges."
Our team does everything possible to keep our employees working but without continual funding to infrastructure, like bridges and road work, our customers' construction companies do not have the need to use foundation equipment.  In turn, this can cause a decrease in our manufacturing production and a decrease in jobs right here in NC.  
"We are positive looking into the future and hope for another 40-years of building foundation equipment in Matthews, NC while we keep working forward with the AEM on the I Make America Campaign including hosting a signup event at our home offices in Matthews, NC in May.  The exact date should be announced soon." states Cunningham. 
Media Contact Pollyanna Cunningham pcunningham@iceusa.com

International Construction Equipment

Your One Stop Foundation Shop

International Construction Equipment is a 40-year old veteran company.  Providing they're clients with the knowledge and experience in deep foundation equipment.  ICE® delivers powerful advanced technology ensuring that their manufacturing techniques are the most efficient and reliable which has been recognized around the world.  ICE® engineers and production team have the experience and qualifications to modify your existing equipment and help you reduce the downtime and money to your next foundation project.

ICE® continues its growth efforts!  Ending 2011, ICE® has reported a healthy growth of 25% for their unit sales in both domestic and international markets.  ICE® Vibratory Hammers and Power Units were the bulk in supporting their unit sales.  They've also maintained their rental fleet which harmonized their numbers back in 2010.

Entering the first half of 2012 ICE® is seeing tremendous growth; both domestic and international volumes continue to increase.  The new variable moment ZR Hammers ICE® offers have been in high demand with a 30% increase in product since last year.  In a tuff economy their teamwork, customer service and great partner/client collaborations have been their primary focus as they continue to contribute to an industry of significant growth.  

ICE®'s continued hard work and determination has brought them to the conclusion of expanding. They are pleased to announce a purchase agreement of properties and equipment with Blanchard Machine Works located in Matthews NC on Warehouse Dr 28104. Preliminary actions toward possession will occur in early July with full manufacturing capabilities in the later part of the month.

The expansion of this new facility will enable ICE® to expand its services to their clients; this will also make a lasting impact to our local economy.  Long term goals with this enhancement  includes: Administering work to more people allowing more contribution to the local economy  businesses will also see more occupation during lunch and dinner hours as employees will be referred to restaurants like Steak and Hoagie and Rock Store BBQ.

ICE®'s long term plans are to also double their manufacturing capabilities, which include raw material and components.  Local vendors and distributors will also see an increase in business as ICE® continues moving forward with the expansion.

Vendors, such as AKG of America, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sales, and Wyatt Seal, will increase their inventory in response to ICE®'s evolvement.  As HPS, for example, stocks more hydraulic supplies for our drills, they will also experience a rise in production which would improve their sales. Businesses supporting businesses will prove to help the local economy and will contribute to a decline in unemployment and our current recession.

ICE®'s continued dedication to its clients is critical to the development of this expansion.  Being in business since 1974 proves ICE® will do whatever it takes to continue growing this market, "our wisdom proves our efforts and our principals".  When time and money are important, experience means business and at ICE® deep foundation is their only business.


Here We Grow Again

ICE® Expands With Locations in Texas, Virginia, Louisiana and California.

International Construction Company, Inc. announces their new location in Katy, Texas as they continue to grow in order to best accommodate their clients. 

The World's One-Stop Foundation Shop, International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) is the leading international manufacturer and distributor of vibratory drivers and extractors, diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers, excavator-mounted rotary heads and hammers, large and small-bore drill tooling, limited access drills, Comacchio drilling rigs and other deep foundation equipment.

With corporate offices located in Matthews, NC, ICE® provides goods and services from many regional offices throughout the US and international locations to include a large network of dealers and service centers.  ICE® opened its doors in 1974 and has been growing steadily since.  ICE® announces the newest location at 30095, Hwy 90, Katy, TX  77493.

ICE® has repeat customers in the lower mid-west region and currently has a range of equipment in use on multiple projects throughout this area.   These customers come back to ICE® to purchase equipment, or for repeat rental service of equipment to use on a long term basis.  Some of ICE®'s popular equipment in use in the region of their new location in Katy, Texas include: The ICE® Model 28C Vibratory Driver which is used on the Dickenson Exchange project in Dickinson, Texas.  The ICE® Model 44 Vibratory Driver is a popular model  used at the Chevron Plant in Port Authur, Texas.  Before ICE® sells or sends a rental unit to a job site, it gets tested to ensure the unit performs at the highest quality, which saves customers time and money. ICE®'s Model 140C Vibratory Driver was recently rented for long term use by a contractor who was so happy with the high quality Vibratory Driver combined with ICE®'s outstanding service that they used it for various jobs in the lower mid-west area.   

This new additional facility in Texas gives ICE® to opportunity to continue offering customized quality service to their clients.  Having additional equipment available at multiple regional branches is one of the easiest ways to offer optimum support to ICE® customers.  With the high demand for ICE® equipment and increased construction on the golf coast, it makes sense that ICE® would expand with a new location in Katy, Texas in order to be in closer proximity these customers, therefore allowing ICE® to continue offering the quality service they are known for.


The company is expanding with new locations to meet the needs of clients as ICE® continues to be North America's largest manufacturer of pile driving and drilling equipment.  Their new location at 1729 West Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23323 will help them continue to meet those needs.

There are some large development projects in the Mid-Atlantic region as the US economy begins to recover, allowing for upgrades of our infrastructure for roadways.  Some upgrades already in the works include; the $2.1 billion dollar Downtown Midtown Tunnel Martin Luther King (MLK) Extension and the $215.8 million Bonner Bridge replacement set to begin in the fall 2012.

There is a high demand for ICE® services and equipment on larger projects in this region. The ICE® I-62 Hammer was recently used on the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge Replacement project, which is set to open in July 2012.  The new 5,375-foot-long bridge crosses the Elizabeth River joining the Cities of Portsmouth and Chesapeake, VA.  "In the past our equipment came from our Maryland location," said Mike Robinson, Mid Atlantic Sales Representative for ICE®.  "Our new location in Virginia will help us to have our equipment more readily available for our clients working on existing and future projects in the mid-Atlantic region."  The opening of the new ICE® facility in Chesapeake, VA. gives ICE® the opportunity to be located closer to future construction projects while continuing to customize services and meet the needs of clients.

ICE®, located in Matthews, NC, is the first location to open and business has been growing steadily since its inception in 1974.

Christian Cunningham ICE® Operations Manager explains the expansion in Belle Chasse Louisiana located at 412 Harvey Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037.

"We are always looking for new and better ways to assist our clients.  One of the easiest ways to help customers gain improved support from our regional branch locations is to make more equipment available for rent.  When we increase available equipment, we also require expansion of our location to enable our team to perform tests and maintenance on this extended amount of equipment.  Our goal is to ensure when the rental unit goes to a new job site is has already been tested and is ready to perform the necessary task at hand... Saving our customer time and money." "We choose this location in Belle Chase, Louisiana, based on our customers' demands and the increased construction on the gulf coast.  This latest expansion allows us to be in closer proximity to major access roads, while continuing to meet the needs of customers unique job challenges presented with each project." states the ICE® LA Regional Manager, Bill Spatz.

From their new expanded branch location in Belle Chasse, LA, ICE® continues to be to meet the needs of contractors in the Gulf Shores with customized solutions and will remain to be the number one source for the world's most recognizable, sought after and desired equipment by providing a full spectrum of high performance equipment and customized solutions as they continue to grow during their 4th decade.

ICE® location in California accommodates the growth of the regional area and to best assist their clients. The new location at Pomona Blvd. Pomona, CA  91768 opened its doors in May 2012.

ICE® handles both sales and rental agreements for all of their innovative products in order to boost customer efficiency making them more competitive in today's market.  Please feel free to contact ICE® at 888-ICE-USA1 / sales@iceusa.com or visit their web at WWW.ICEUSA.COM

Branch Locations:

ICE® Virginia                                                                                                                                                        
Mike Robinson-Sales
1729 West Rd
Chesapeake, VA 23323

ICE® Texas
Marty Blake- Regional Manager
30095 Hwy 90,
Katy, TX  77493

Branch Location:

ICE® Louisiana
Bill Spatz- Regional Manager
412 Harvey Blvd
Belle Chasse, La 70037

ICE® California

Tony Diaz-Sales
2654 Pomona Blvd.
Pomona, CA  91768

Media Contact:

Pollyanna Cunningham
Director Marketing and IT Comm
301 Warehouse Drive
Matthews, NC  28104
704-821-8200 x152


A Long Time Coming - Equipment Dealers Cheer Passage of Highway Bill

Washington, D.C. - Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) applauded congressional passage of the nation's new multiyear highway bill. The House and Senate both approved the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) (H.R. 4348) today by bipartisan votes. The president is expected to sign the measure in the coming days. MAP-21 authorizes federal road, bridge, and transit spending at current levels through September 2014. Reauthorization of the nation's surface transportation programs has been the association's top priority for nearly four years. Upon the measure's passage, AED President & CEO Toby Mack and 2012 National Chairman Larry Glynn, President & Owner of CMW Equipment in St. Louis, released the following statements.

AED President & CEO Toby Mack:

"After years of inaction, we are pleased to see the House and Senate work together in a bipartisan manner to complete a new multi-year highway bill that restores certainty to federal infrastructure programs and lays a solid foundation for America's future economic growth," said AED President and CEO Toby Mack.

"The legislation not only maintains critical investments in our nation's deteriorating surface transportation infrastructure, but it also makes significant programmatic improvements that will restore public confidence in the federal highway program, paving the way for future discussions about how to restore the long-term viability of the Highway Trust Fund and increase investment."

"Congratulations and thanks to House and Senate leadership, Sen. Boxer, and Rep. Mica, and members of the conference committee for their dogged persistence. Thanks also to all the AED members who participated in this process and made it clear to their lawmakers that inaction on a highway bill was unacceptable."

AED 2012 Chairman Larry Glynn, President & Owner of CMW Equipment in St. Louis:

"This is a long-awaited, positive development for the construction equipment industry. Contractors around the country have been on life support over the last few years. This bill will provide much needed certainty for contractors, dealers, and suppliers," said AED 2012 Chairman Larry Glynn.

"Equipment distributors sell the equipment that builds and maintains this country's infrastructure. And building that infrastructure creates American jobs. Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of the equipment I sell at CMW is manufactured at factories in the United States. A new highway bill will encourage equipment sales and stimulate manufacturing here in this country."

Approach of Isaac doesn't worry the Corps of Engineers

Almost seven years ago to the day, a system of hurricane levees and floodwalls built by the Army Corps of Engineers infamously failed to protect New Orleans -- crumbling in the face of a storm weaker than it was designed to repel, causing the deaths of more than 1,300 citizens, and inflicting crippling infrastructure wounds the city still is struggling to heal. Yet as Isaac, predicted to make landfall as a Category 2 hurricane, approached a new corps system designed to withstand a Category 3 storm, local officials expressed nothing but confidence.


"It's like comparing apples and oranges," said Garret Graves, chairman of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. "Unfortunately, there were some very painful lessons learned in (Hurricane) Katrina."

Post-Katrina investigators said those lessons spanned the entire culture of storm protection -- including engineering and construction, the politics of funding, and the importance of local oversight.

The result is the new, $14.5 billion Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System, a combination of higher and stronger levees, walls, floodgates and pumps built by the corps but monitored by a new system of state levee authorities staffed by engineers and unpaid civic activists. All of it has been carefully watched as never before by local media and community organizations.

The new system addresses all the key failures that Katrina exposed:

  • The mouths of the outfall drainage canals that once opened onto Lake Pontchartrain, allowing storm surge a direct path into the heart of the city, are now closed with new, more powerful pumping stations. The improperly built floodwalls and levees along those canals that collapsed before being over-topped during Katrina are now higher and stronger.
  • Improperly built levees on the MR-GO, which collapsed, causing the flooding of St. Bernard Parish, are now higher and stronger.
  • Improperly built levees on the Gulf Intracoastal Canal that collapsed and flooded eastern New Orleans are now higher and stronger.
  • The largest storm surge barrier in the world -- 1.8 miles long and rising 26 feet above the water -- was built across Lake Borgne near the junction of the MR-GO and the Intracoastal Canal. It is designed to prevent storm surge from massing in the Industrial Canal, which caused floodwalls to collapse in Katrina, killing hundreds in the Lower 9th Ward.
  • The floodwalls along the Industrial Canal have been rebuilt taller and stronger, and include armoring and splash walls in case of overtopping.
  • The west bank of Jefferson Parish is safer with new flood gates on the West Closure of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Harvey, including the world's largest pumps to prevent home flooding from torrential rains and higher and stronger walls on the canal.
  • Pumping stations across the metro area have been replaced or strengthened and flood-proofed so they can work even when power fails.

"There's no comparison between what we have now with what we had before Katrina," said Susan Maclay, president of the board of the directors of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority West.

"I often tell people that (during Katrina) the east bank had levees that failed, the West Bank just had gaping holes. Now we're 100 percent better. We have the best protection in the history of the West Bank. So we're very confident. Absolutely the most confident we've ever been."

Tropical Storm Isaac

The east side of the river also has best storm protection it's ever had, said Bob Turner, Director of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. "We're in much better shape than we've ever been," he said. "Assuming the storm comes on its projected track and at its projected intensity, we're very confident (it can handle Isaac)."

That isn't to say there aren't concerns. On both sides of the river, there are several small spots where work isn't complete, creating gaps in the system. Turner pointed to Lakeshore Drive at Franklin Avenue, where temporary protection is being provided by sheet pilings, and another temporary fix at a construction site at Seabrook. Maclay said a temporary fix is in place at a work site where the Davis Pond Diversion Canal meets U.S. 90.

The CPRA's Graves, along with John Barry, a member of the board of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, worry that the lack of armoring -- a layer of impervious material on levee surfaces -- could cause problems if not with Isaac then later in the storm season. Armoring helps prevent scouring when water rushes down the protected side of a levee during overtopping. Scouring can lead to levee collapses, a serious problem with the MR-GO levees during Katrina.

"The reality of the projected storm surge with this one (7 to 9 feet Monday) is that there shouldn't be overtopping," said Barry. "But in the future, with bigger storms, it could be a serious concern."

Graves pointed to a recently completed levee on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish that could have problems during Isaac because it still doesn't have enough grass to prevent erosion. "If we're going to have a bunch of water stacking up in the Braithwaite area, we could have problems because there are (some sections) which don't even have grass yet," he said. "So we have to be vigilant."

And while Graves knows the new system is far superior to what failed the city during Katrina, he says it still isn't enough protection. "My personal opinion is that a system with 100-year-level protection for an area as significant as New Orleans is simply too inadequate," he said. "But we're confident the level of protection we have in place now will be enough (for Isaac)."

But as Turner pointed out, the new $14.5 billion system provides protection only for people inside the levees, not outside. "Certainly there's potential for significant damage outside the hurricane protection levees," he said, "particularly toward the western end of our area where predicted storm surge is as high as 12 feet out there. Areas outside the hurricane protection levee are the ones subject to the greatest risk.