14D Ease of Installation for new Billboard

Editor: Debbie Reaney 

Diamond Electric has been installing billboards with the assistance of an ICE® Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor all over the state of Florida.  Based out of Sanford, just north of Orlando, the company specializes in sign and lighting installations; mostly those of the billboard and advertising variety.  Once they began using the ICE® vibratory pile driver/extractor for the foundation pipe pile installation, Diamond Electric Signs and Lighting knew it was a game changer. 

Due to various soil conditions of the area and the sometimes-unusual location placement of the billboards, many different hammer types have been utilized by Diamond dependent on the job.  For the current install of a 30" x 60' caisson pile in a tight space between two commercial buildings, the customer was advised that the small, but mighty, ICE® 14D Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor would have enough driving force to get the job done; and would be able to do it without disrupting business in the two commercial spaces.   

Thanks to the quick driving capabilities the vibratory hammer was able to perform, the two Orlando businesses were able to operate as usual throughout the installation process. We are grateful to Diamond Electric Signs & Lighting for allowing ICE® to provide the equipment that proved the cost efficiency of a driven pile foundation, while at the same time helping to support the local small business community! 

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