ICE® 16VM Repairs Nantucket Foundation

Nantucket, MA is a special island with a rich history, located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.  The island is only accessible by boat or air travel and draws in thousands of tourists who come annually during the summer months. For nearly a century, Nantucket was the whaling capital of the world from 1700-1800 due to whale oil being incredibly valuable and essential for lighting homes during this period. Today, you can walk on the same cobblestone streets, stay at the home of a former whaling captain, or go shopping on Petticoat Row.   

Toscana Corporation, a multifaceted construction company providing a comprehensive package of earth-work services for over 42 years, has recently been selected to repair the foundation for an aging residential property on the island. When maintained properly, a home foundation can last up to 100 years or more, depending on the climate, soil, and other conditions like grading. However, foundation repair arises when the very foundation of a home, building, or structure is damaged and needs to be repaired.  

For this project, the experts at Toscana utilized their previously purchased ICE® Model 16VM Variable Moment Hammer to drive HP14x89' (Ft) steel H-piles 20' (ft) into the ground to support the new foundation. This hammer, designed and manufactured by International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®), was chosen due to the amplitude of the 16VM, which can be adjusted to the point that the pile begins to move. This is beneficial because you can tune the amplitude to both the pile type and soil type- making it the perfect choice for residential foundation projects.   

The residential properties throughout the island are known to have historic significance, so it is especially important that they maintain a solid foundation without damaging other homes nearby to guarantee the safety of residents and various tourists. Toscana Corporation crews have done a fantastic job with this foundation repair project along with the numerous others they have completed over the years. International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®) is proud to have provided the equipment used to assure a strong and deep foundation on this historic island. Bravo, Toscana Corporation!   

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