Installing Micro Piles for New Swim School

Installing Micro Piles at a New Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA
Editor Alix Bemis

Douglass Pile Company is installing 5.5" Micro Piles at a new Goldfish Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA using a Comacchio MC4D Hydraulic Drilling Rig rented from ICEĀ®.

The MC4D is a hydraulic drilling rig specifically designed for the execution of ground engineering works in challenging access sites, which was perfect for this job that had to be completed in a facility with low 13' overhead ceilings. 

The long-vacant grocery store in Fox Chapel Plaza, PA is creating a lot of excitement in the community since the arrival of construction crews in early January 2021. In place of aisles of groceries, will be a new swim school. Goldfish Swim School is a learn-to-swim facility for children ages four months to 12 years old.

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