400+ Strand Anchors on I-40

ICE provides Tecniwell that will stabilize dangerous rock formation over I-40 

In recent years interstate I-40, which runs east to west through eight states and 2,500 miles (about the width of the United States), has seen many accidents and even fatalities due to the nature around it. An enormous rockslide in October of 2009 near the NC TN border line shut down I-40 for months causing major roadway damage and pedestrian danger. The debris removal, infrastructure repairs, and underlying threat sparked plans of precautionary installations. Just a few miles from that slide engineers installed deep underground sensors that are powered by solar panels. If the sensors detect instability, the devices automatically send a warning message to the cell phones of NCDOT engineers. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is still currently putting even more safety measures into place, to ensure the safety of the 26,000 drivers who use I-40 daily.  

The current slope stabilization construction is overseen by Goettle, who prides their ability to analyze and determine effective earth retention systems. Goettle chose to implement the use of strand anchors to secure the rock and prevent sliding. Goettle purchased an ICE® distributed Tecniwell GMP822D fully automated grout plants. The Tecniwell grout plant, paired with a cement silo is capable of mixing and pumping 8 cubic meters (about the volume of a storage unit) of grout per hour. Timeliness was a major goal in this project due to the amplitude of anchors being installed. Over 400 rock anchors have been installed that provide strength and stability to the susceptible areas of rock. Inserted directly into the solid mass and expanded once inside, they transfer tension from the exterior to the interior of the structure, providing sturdy reinforcement at its core. ICE ® was able to deliver the equipment necessary to bring safety back to pedestrians of I-40.  

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