U.S. 49 Slope Stabilization in Yazoo City

A project is underway to stabilize three different sites along the busy U.S. 49 corridor in Yazoo City, MS. Two of these sites are less than a mile from each other making this an integral repair to the area as U.S. 49 is one of the most important highways in Mississippi and was the state's first highway to see a significant rural road segment with four-lanes. Today, it is still the only four-lane route that directly connects the state's capital and largest city, Jackson, to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Unfortunately, slope failures frequently occur in highway embankments in the area due to the expansive Yazoo Clay. In addition, the Mississippi climate, especially the high volume of precipitation, also plays a significant role in the development of these landslides. This soil is highly expansive and experiences repeated shrink-swell behavior, which softens the soil, reduces its strength, and makes it vulnerable to failure. 

To address this problem a $1.6 million contract from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) was awarded to Cook & Son Construction, LLC of Smithville, MS. Cook & Son; a contractor who specializes in road construction, road maintenance, road reconditioning, bridge & culvert replacements, drainage structures; were selected due to their innovative approaches to evaluate slope failures and provide cost-effective repair and mitigation techniques. 

As part of their plan, the experts at Cook & Son wisely chose to purchase an ICE® I-30 Diesel Impact Hammer; with its simple reliable design, automatic lubrication, and various accessory options; from their local International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) Sales Representative.  However, due to the clay soils, it was determined that they would also utilize an ICE® 7E-SG attached to their excavator to first stand the piles and pre drive them into the ground as far as possible. They then further drive the 55' (ft) 14" (in) steel H-piles to final grade using their ICE® I-30 in 26" (in) swinging leads.  

Recently, the pile driving portions for the second and third site have been completed along with the installation of a soil nail wall at the first site. Cook & Son crews are currently working on drainage structures throughout the project, along with the final pile driving portion at the first site. Completion of this project is scheduled to be finalized this summer. Fantastic work to the entire Cook & Sons team! ICE® applauds your hard work and dedication to assuring the safety of Mississippians and those that travel the historic U.S. 49 highway. 

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