I-64 New High Rise Bridge Construction

I-64 New High Rise Bridge Construction in Chesapeake, VA

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Granite/Parsons/Corman, a Joint Venture (GPC), formed an integrated team with expertise in innovative solutions for the development and design of bridge and traffic maintenance. In November 2017, GPC was awarded the Interstate 64 (I-64) Southside Widening and New High Rise Bridge, design-build contract by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). GPC is responsible for improvements and expanded capacity from four to six lanes along nearly 9 miles of I-64, a New High Rise Bridge, replacement and realignment of the Great Boulevard Bridge, six bridge widenings, drainage improvements, noise analysis and additional noise barriers, as well as asphalt improvements for existing lanes.  

The New High Rise Bridge substructure consists of the piling, pile caps, columns and caps. There is a total of 15 piers located in the waterway. The 5 piers located in the shallow water off of the West shore will be accessed with a temporary trestle that will be utilized for material transport and crane access.  The trestle will consist of temporary driven steel pipe piles and support steel beams and timber mats to allow crane access.  

Pictured here, GPC construction crews are working on driving pipe pile for the New High Rise Bridge. While driving the pipe piles the crew encountered practical refusal using an ICE® Model 44 Vibratory Driver and Extractor. After going on-site to trouble shoot, Shawn Stack (ICE® VA Branch Service Manager), solved the problem by sizing up to an ICE® Model 66 Vibratory Pile Hammer for driving the new piles and utilizing the ICE® Model 44 to extract the old ones.  

Every deep foundation project presents its own unique job challenges. GPC has chosen to equip their pile driving crews with several different models of ICE®'s advanced pile driving equipment in order to overcome the complex challenges and needs for pile driving. ICE® equipment that has been utilized thus far for the pile driving portion of this project include seven ICE® Vibratory Pile Hammers, several ICE® Diesel Impact Pile Hammers, and a specialized ICE® I-19 Diesel Impact Pile Driver with ICE® 26-inch offshore leads. 

Construction began Summer 2018 and has as estimated completion date of December 2022.  

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