Seawall Replacement for Future Protection

Aging Seawall Repair Helps Protect New Jersey From Future Storms

Editor: Ashley Steele 

When Hurricane Sandy moved through the United States in 2012 it was the deadliest and most destructive of the decade.  Many residents in the Northeast felt major effects from this storm. Damages were estimated at $70 million in New Jersey alone. Seawalls can help to prevent major damages to coastal ports and towns.  In such an event as a hurricane, seawalls divert the huge swells coming from the ocean because of the barrier created by driven pile. 

The Walsh Contracting Group is working on a project known as Gate 128 to help repair aging seawalls in Jersey City, New Jersey.  They are utilizing an ICE® 44B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor to remove massive seawall pilings that have been instrumental in protecting Jersey City from storms such as Hurricane Sandy. As the impacts of global warming are starting to create super storms the need for a newer, larger seawall to protect the city increases. Walsh is using a combination of sheeting piles, H-beam piles and pipe piles to create a sturdier structure, to compete with larger storm systems, that will last another 30 years. 

This project is ongoing, as they try to replace as many aged seawalls as possible in Jersey City.  Experts believe by installing new and proper seawalls that it will save lives. Walsh Contracting Group and ICE® Pile Driving Products are up to the task of creating seawalls that will protect the coastal cities of the Northeast for years to come. 

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