America’s Maritime Guardians

America's Maritime Guardians 

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The United States Coast Guard is the nation's lead agency for maritime search and rescue operations, defense against transnational crime and terrorism, protection of marine species and habitats, and commander of many other missions that enforce federal laws on the water. 

41 active-duty personnel and four enlisted reservists currently lodge at the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Grand Isle, LA. The crew's duties are accomplished with help from their fast-response rescue watercrafts including a 47' (ft) Motor Lifeboat (MLB), a 41' Utility Boat (UTB), a 23' SAFE boat (Secure Around Flotation Equipped), and an 18' Majek flat boat. Featuring state-of-the-art durability, these boats are the most reliable forms of transportation in high seas and severe weather environments. For instance, the motor lifeboat can self-right within 30 seconds if it is knocked over by waves or surf, helping the crew respond rapidly to missions and make it back home safely. 

For years, the timber piling of a boat dock at Coast Guard Station Grand Isle has endured Louisiana's heated rays and constant wave action, causing deterioration of the dock and thus a reduction in safety. Meanwhile, sitting on the base's 29 acres (about half the area of The Vatican) are 35,000 square feet (about the area of a large mansion) of operational and multi-purpose buildings, which are located close to the shoreline where an aging bulkhead is these structures' only protection against erosion. To give the station a much-needed makeover, APC Construction of Harvey, LA replaced piling of the bulkhead and boat dock. An ICE® 22 Vibratory Driver/Extractor equipped with a Model 55 Combination Clamp was used to pull old timber and concrete piling and install 60' (ft) steel sheet piles. 

Now with a repaired bulkhead and boat dock, the Coast Guard officers can worry less about the condition of their operational structures and stay focused on their humanitarian and security services. As America's leading pile driving and drilling equipment manufacturer, International Construction Equipment, Inc is proud to have their equipment being used for this project. Nice work, APC and thank you! Your role in helping to preserve these important assets of the U.S. Coast Guard are bound to aid them in meeting the maritime interests and safety of the United States.

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