America Takes a Step Toward Self Sufficiency

America Takes a Step Toward Self Sufficiency
Louisiana LNG Project Promotes Independent Clean Energy 

Editor: Debbie Reaney

Between 2020 and 2022, national liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices soared by 400%. Factors that have contributed to the significant increase include international conflicts, maxed-out pipeline capacities, and COVID-19 pandemic-related labor shortages. Nonetheless, the global demand for clean energy continues to rise and has no plans to slow down soon. 

In efforts to satisfy the rapidly growing demand, United States LNG company, Venture Global LNG, is developing an LNG export terminal in Plaquemines Parish, LA, just south of New Orleans. Once fully operational in 2025, Plaquemines LNG (PLNG) will have an export capacity of up to 20 million metric tons per year. The 630-acre project is taking place along the west bank of the Mississippi River where its deep-water access eliminates the need for dredging, accelerating the project timeline and creating an environmentally friendly expansion process. It also involves the development of two new pipelines that will connect to the existing interstate pipelines and feed natural gas to the facility. In June 2022, Venture Global secured $13.2 billion in funding for Phase 1--the largest project financing in the world closed to date in 2022 according to the company. Phase 2 of the project was recently approved in Spring of 2023 making this a combined $21 billion investment. 

An important outcome of this new facility is increased reliance on America's own clean and affordable energy sources instead of natural gas providers overseas. Venture Global is confident that the rest of the world will be influenced to also seek self-sufficiency for their energy needs upon the project's completion. As an added benefit, the livelihood of thousands in the Greater New Orleans region will be supported during and after construction as 250 direct jobs, 728 indirect jobs, and 2,200 construction jobs will be generated. 

One of the contractors working diligently to complete this project, Cajun Industries, a nationally recognized construction leader, was selected to conduct the vital foundation work for the new structure. Since the company's inception in 1973, Baton Rouge-based Cajun has spent decades honing its competency in engineering, deep foundations, civil, pipe fabrication, mechanical and marine construction services. For this project, they are currently renting many of their pile driving essentials from International Construction Equipment, Inc, including three ICE® I-30 Diesel Impact Hammers, two ICE® I-36 Diesel Impact Hammers, two ICE® 44B Vibratory Driver/Extractor, and an ICE® 28 Vibratory Driver/Extractor. So far, these machines have driven 650ea 24"x120' Precast Piles, 350ea 18"x90' Precast Piles, 330ea 18"x120' Precast Piles, and 250,000SF of Sheet Piles (~1000 pairs of sheet Piles) for the foundations of the LNG storage tanks and the platforms for loading and unloading vessels. 

The ICE ® 28 Vibratory hammer is currently being used to install 7,600 wall feet of sheet piling at 45' long in the eastern temporary workspace. As the wind in the area proved to be an occasional challenge, StabCats were utilized to help thread the sheets when necessary. Ten miles of steel walls designed with state-of-the-art storm surge and hurricane proofing have also been installed. 

Plans are in the works for a second facility to be built adjacent to the first one, doubling the capacity for natural gas storage and ship docking on the Mississippi River. Together, Cajun Industries' experience and the versatility of ICE® deep foundation equipment is setting the nation's self-sufficiency in motion. Thank you, Cajun, for your continued support and trust. ICE ® is honored to have been able to provide your team with some of the tools required to complete this project safely and efficiently. 

Learn more about the ICE® I-30V2, ICE® I-36V2, ICE® 22, and ICE® 28

Rendering of Venture Global's Plaquemines LNG export terminal in Plaquemines Parish, about 20 miles south of New Orleans. 

RENDERING PROVIDED BY VENTURE GLOBAL LNG/ Approved Photograph of site provided by Cajun 

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