Anchoring the Dock

Editor: Ashley Steele

 Bienville Industrial Park is growing by leaps and bounds.  The Park itself has more than 3,600 acres of available property for development.  It is already a home to 14 major companies who are bringing economic growth to Hancock County, Mississippi.  The many ports throughout the park offer its tenants connections to other larger ports including the Port of New Orleans and deep-water global access.

To aid in the development of this bustling port, Gil's Crane was awarded 
the job of inputting a new dock.  This dock will be a larger scale project, with roughly 400 caissons to drive for the foundation.  Gil's Crane is employing the use of an ICE
 ® 14C Vibratory Driver/Extractor to drive 24" caissons 65 feet into the ground.  An ICE ® I-19 Diesel Hammer is then driving the pile the final 10 feet.

This is an ongoing job with work to be completed in 2022.

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