Bay Park Conveyance Project

Reducing nitrogen to rehabilitate the Western Bays

On the 
world's 51
st celebration of Earth Day, New Yorkers came together to break ground on the $513 million Bay Park Conveyance Project in Long Island, NYWestern Bay Resiliency Initiative was organized to repair 7.3 miles of the aqueduct and construct a 3.6-mile force main pipe located 20-60 feet below the ground. The connection line will carry treated water from the South Shore Water Reclamation Facility to the Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP).

The state of New York has recognized that the previous infrastructure lines that dumped the Bay Park STP Outfall into the Reynolds channels have caused major environmental damage. The surrounding Western Bays have lost the integrity of their water, shellfish, and coastline due to the high nitrogen levels from the treated water. The Bays have grown algae that caused the loss of natural filtration from oysters that can filter up to 72 gallons of water a day. Regaining the strength of the Bays ecosystem was the top priority in this project.

To ensure that the installation of the new aqueduct was not going to 
affect the environmenta less hands on method was used. Western Bay Constructors choose to use an 
ICE® Model 33 Vibratory Driver/ Extractor to drive 40-foot-long PZ-26 sheets into the ground. One of the benefits from using the ICE® Model 33 was the wireless remote that gave the operator in the crane the ability to move freely and stay far from the shoreline preventing any further damage while giving maximum control of the 140-ton driving force. To utilize the existing infrastructure contractors will be Slip lining the new aqueduct pipe within the existing pipe that was installed in 1906.

redirection of treated water will immediately show positive effects on the Bays ecosystem and surrounding communities. The reduction of nitrogen in the water will rapidly bring back all the natural resources and restore the quality of life in and around the Bay. By rehabilitating the marshlands, it will aid in storm protection and benefit surrounding communities with richer marine life and higher property values


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