Big, Little Bridge at Springbrook Golf Course 

Big, Little Bridge at Springbrook Golf Course
Editor: Allison Braswell

A 50-year-old golf course in Naperville, IL is undergoing major renovations. One of the several tasks on their list was to replace the concrete bridge that collapsed in a creek on Hole #9 of the course, raising both safety and logistic concerns. Copenhaver Construction was selected to build the foundation for a new, steel golf cart bridge over the creek bed. Now completed, the new 60' (ft)-long bridge has a capacity of over 20 tons to allow trucks and equipment to get across the creek as needed. 

To help with this job the contractor initially planned to use their previously purchased ICE® I-19 Diesel Impact Hammer, but it did not have the control necessary for such a delicate task due to the precise bearings required. With this in mind, it was decided that the powerful and flexible control abilities of the ICE® IP-3 Hydraulic Impact Hammer paired with a GEN-4 Remote Control were better suited to drive the 12" (in) pipe pile for the bridge 22' (ft) deep, ensuring the strength of its foundation. Copenhaver was pleased with the ease of use and proven ability to control the amount of force this hammer delivers, specifically the ability to supply one (1) blow per inch. This hammer does not include additional features such as a reader, but a bearing chart was necessary for IDOT to deem the bridge safe for public use. Fortunately, International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®)'s loyal sales team was able to provide the engineer with the specs that would serve as a reference for the hammer's full force potential, saving both time and costs. 

Club members are excited to return to the course next summer in 2023 to enjoy its improved amenities. ICE® thanks Copenhaver for choosing its reliable hydraulic equipment to provide a safe path for patrons to get from tee to green and enhance the landscape of this vintage golf course. 

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