Biotech is Booming in Boston

Biotech is Booming in Boston 

Editor: Allison Braswell

Boston is the nation's center for RNA and DNA research, and a new facility with supersized lab space is about to make way for more talent in the area. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co. is investing $700 million to lease a 334,000-square-foot genetic medicinal research lab which will be located inside a 12-story all-inclusive building on the Boston Seaport. The Eli Lilly Institute of Genetic Medicine will focus on developing RNA-based medicines, gene therapies, and other treatments that address the root cause of human diseases. The facilities will include not only lab areas but shops, dining, and public entertainment space for the over 250 employees, visitors and locals projected to frequent the facility.  

J.F. White Contracting was hired to begin construction of the project at 15 Necco Steet in 2021. As removal of the previously paved parking lot was underway, large timber piles and debris was found. After some digging into historical records, it was discovered that the area was once part of Boston Harbor prior to its "filling in" in the 1860s. An ICE® Model 55 Wood Clamp paired with the ICE® 28B Vibratory Driver/Extractor was used to pull the extensive debris and nearly 300 wood pilings from the area. Once accomplished, J.F. White then selected the ICE® IP-7 Hydraulic Impact Hammer to install the foundation for the complex driving approximately 200 tons of 90" (feet) H beams. 

The Institute is expected to open in 2024. Thank you to J.F. White for trusting the ICE® team to supply a variety of deep foundation equipment that will help establish a new laboratory in Massachusetts' biotech hub.  

International Construction Equipment, Inc, ICE®, is honored to contribute to a project that will in the end help to silence disease-causing genes. 

Learn more about the ICE® IP-7 and ICE® Model 55 Clamp


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