Bridging the Gap to Safer Communities

Editor: Ashley Steele

The town of Randolph, Nebraska is working to remove residential homes from the flood plain.  This is a multi-phase project to help revive interest in the area and bring new homeowners safer living conditions and 
assist them with instant equity by increasing property values.  The project is community driven by a small increase in sales tax while offering huge benefit to the community.

The first phase of the project includes five
 (5) bridge relocations and a rebuild of the Sholes Road Bridge.  The new Sholes Road Bridge will be 100 feet wider and host a vast traffic pattern.  The goal of this large undertaking is to create an overflow area and safely move storm water flow away from the cars and housing areas. 

Meyer Contracting Inc. is 
installing the bridge abutments for these newly relocated structures. The use of 14" H-Beams in the channel beds was installed using an ICE® 44 Vibratory Pile Driver was used to drive these to the pre-determined depth.  This particular ICE® vibratory driver/extractor has over 180 tons of driving force enabling the contractor to easily drive these H-piles deep into the soil.  

Thank you to Meyer Contracting for a
 successful partnership.  ICE® is excited to be a part of such an important community rebuild.  We are excited to seeing this area become prosperous flood free space for both the travelers and residents of Randolph, Nebraska.

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