Canal Street Ferry Terminal

Returning to drive to the finish 
In October of 2021, APC Construction
began the foundation work for a temporary dock to be used during construction of the new grand ferry terminal. APC used an
ICE®50B Vibratory Driver / Extractor, paired with the ICE® tier four (environmentally friendly) 580T Power Unit to drive caissons for a temporary dock for the ferry during the complex construction. The temporary dock, found in front of the Audubon Aquarium, served its purpose throughout all construction phases and now APC Construction is deploying the ICE® I-19 on the project site to supply final foundation driving. 
The completed
NOLA Canal Street Ferry Terminal will consist of a 4,300 SF building, a new replacement barge with a modernized boarding structure, a 13,200 SF elevated wharf, and a pedestrian plaza along Canal St. The $43 million project is still on track to finish in the summer of 2022.
ICE® is proud to have equipment in use by APC for the finishing foundation work. Hats off to another outstanding project APC Construction has carried out for the NOLA community! 
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Director Marketing, Brand and Media Relations 
ICE® - International Construction Equipment, Inc 
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