ICE® Comacchio CH450 Saves Lives

Hurricane Ida Damage was Catastrophic Editor: Ashley Steele Hurricane Ida caused a record $66 billion (about $200 per person in the USA) worth of damage to the northeast of the United States. It was the second most damaging hurricane to make landfall in the USA, just behind the damage caused to the gulf by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. To this day, portions of the Northeast are still working to recover from Ida's trail of destruction from the&n ... Read more

Protecting our ground water for future generations

ICE ® Comacchio Rig aids in saving our environment The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has the responsibility of evaluating physical and environmental risks presented by former manufactured gas plants (aka MGP). Testing was done on soil and groundwater at the vacant K-Babylon site to determine contamination levels post usage. The results required immediate expertise to ... Read more

Installing Micro Piles for New Swim School

Installing Micro Piles at a New Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA Editor Alix Bemis Douglass Pile Company is installing 5.5" Micro Piles at a new Goldfish Swim School in Fox Chapel, PA using a Comacchio MC4D Hydraulic Drilling Rig rented from ICE®. The MC4D is a hydraulic drilling rig specifically designed for the execution of ground engineering works in challenging access sites, which was  ... Read more