The Foundations of Ellis Island

Editor:  Ashley Steele Beginning on January 1, 1862 Ellis Island in New York City was the central hub for immigrants coming to the United States. In the 62 years of its operation, the island welcomed over 12 million immigrants seeking to make their lives in the New World. Today Ellis Island is home to The National Immigration Museum and welcomes more than 4 million visitors each year. The island is not a natural piece of land in the Upper New York Bay, but ... Read more

Double the Impact

Replacing the Historic Cherry Lane Bridge Editor: Ashley Steele The Cherry Lane Bridge in Nez Perce County, Idaho was built in 1919 as a 15-foot wide 788-foot-long bridge. At over 100 years old, the bridge was eligible to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. However, due to corrosion, cracking and splitting the bridge will need to be replaced instead of restored. The new structure will be able to transport semi-trucks, ... Read more

Anchoring the Dock

Editor: Ashley Steele Port Bienville Industrial Park is growing by leaps and bounds.  The Park itself has more than 3,600 acres of available property for development.  It is already a home to 14 major companies who are bringing economic growth to Hancock County, Mississippi.  The many ports throughout the park offer its tenants connections to other larger ports including the Port of New Orleans and deep-water global access. ... Read more

Environmental Impacts

Editor: Ashley Steele  Two functionally obsolete and structurally deficient bridges crossing the Neuse River in Craven County, North Carolina needed replacing.  However, both bridges are in the middle of wetland and marsh areas with protected wildlife species. In order to handle the delicate local fish habitats, special measures were taken to keep these locations stable.  Sanford Contractors out of Lemon County we ... Read more

Congratulations! PDCA 2021 Project of the Year Winner

Editor: Ashley Steele The US 21 Bridge in Beaufort County, South Carolina was built under the New Deal Program set up by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940's.  The swing-span bridge was built to put people to work during the Great Depression.  It is the only vehicular connection between the mainland of South Carolina and Harbor Island, Fripp Island, and Hunting Island.  However, the bridge had many safety concerns as well as rising maintenance costs. The United Infrastruc ... Read more

Dooker’s Hollow Bridge Driven Piles

Dooker's Hollow Bridge Driven Piles Editor: Alix Bemis The Dooker's Hollow Bridge in Braddock, PA was originally built in 1940 and carries approximately 2,500 vehicles each day. The bridge connects Bell Avenue in North Braddock Borough and Center Street in East Pittsburgh Borough over O'Connell Boulevard. Before being demolished in February 2021, the original structure was a 635-foot-long arched cantilever truss bridge and will be replaced with a 660-foot-long steel girder span. Allison Park ... Read more

SLC Airport Phase-2 Construction

SLC Airport Phase-2: Dewatering and Earth Retention Editor Alix Bemis The SLCDA, Salt Lake City Corporation Department of Airports, wrapped up phase-1 of their historic Terminal Redevelopment Program (TRP) in late 2020 and began working on phase-2 construction. As a key contributor to this historic project, Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction (RLW) was awarded three separate alternative delivery construction contracts by SLCDA for TRP phase-2. Phase-2 of this project will include a 125-foot-wide ... Read more

Driving Pipe from an Overpass

Installing Pipe Piles on a Route 22 Overpass Using an I-30 Diesel Pile Hammer Editor Alix Bemis American Pile & Foundation is using an ICE® Model I-30 Single-Acting Diesel Pile Hammer to drive 30" pipe piles in Hillside, NJ for a Route 22 overpass project. The crews worked amidst a very tight working area with traffic all-around. They were able to successfully drive 15 pipe piles on each side of the ... Read more

Building Bridges over The railroads

Northland Rivergate Overcrossing Construction Editor: Alix Bemis The Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) $25.8 million Northland Rivergate Overcrossing project began in October 2019. Cascade Bridge LLC was awarded the contract to build the bridge that spans the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF tracks. The five-span bridge will be 830-feet long and will replace a crossing on North Rivergate Boulevard. The purpose of this project is to ease traffic congestion and long backups caused by ... Read more

Switching Gears to Drive Pile

G&M Earthmoving Driving Sheet Pile with an ICE I-30 Editor Alix Bemis In Northport, NY (Northshore of Long Island), G&M Earthmoving is driving 35' and 40' Steel Sheets in some tough material. They started with an ICE® Model 50B Vibratory Driver & Extractor, but the material was too tough. G&M Earthmoving switched gears and went with an ICE® Model I-30 Single-Acting Diesel Pile Hammer along with ICE ... Read more