Caught, in an Act of Kindness

Inspiring Act Regional Sales and Service Manager, Rick Sadler, was invited to attend a client's Labor Day cookout. He was so thankful for the invite and further amazed that this team entered him into their employee raffle. To Rick's astonishment, he won the grand prize: a 43" 4K TV.  On his way out, Rick noticed that one of the senior mechanics had not picked up his name badge and had missed the party. Turns out this guy was holding down the fort on the Fenway Center Proje ... Read more

Congratulations Mike Douglas! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~ Mike Douglas ~ ICE® Engineering: 20-years and counting  Editor: Pollyanna Cunningham  After earning his master's degree in mechanical engineering, Michael Douglas was asked to join our team as an apprentice working under the pile driving master, Tony Last. In 2000, over twenty years ago, Douglas was assigned into a full-time staff engineering role.  As quality began to slip at J&M Foundation Equipment, LLC, on ... Read more

Congratulations Rick Sadler! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~ Rick Sadler ~ Rick Sadler is a valuable team member, trainer, innovator, and friend to all who know him. ICE® is thankful and proud of his service within the ICE® New Jersey Service, Sales & Rentals Branch for over 20 years.   "Since I was 10 years old and was allowed to ride the crane hook from the bridge to the barge, I knew I would work in the pile driving industry," Sadler explained. "There was never a dull moment shadowing wit ... Read more

Congratulations Tony Graham! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~Tony Graham~ Tony Graham joined the ICE® team over 20 years ago, transitioning from a sister company after determining that working as a wick installation contractor was not what he really wanted to do. Graham grew up in the pile driving industry. At 17-years old, he had a part-time job working with pile driving equipment. Early in Graham's ICE® professional career, he was recognized as a natural talent when servicing a variety of innovative deep foun ... Read more

Congratulations Marvin Inniss! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service ~Marvin Inniss~ Marvin Inniss, current ICE® Service Manager, has been an integral team member at the ICE® New Jersey Service, Sales & Rentals Branch for over 20 years.  Just after completing high school, Inniss joined the US military where he served our country for 4 years. After he was honorably discharged, Marvin pushed himself to become a top-tier diesel mechanic by attending a local technical school. It was Inniss's drive to be the best in ... Read more

Congratulations Scott Crews! 20 years with ICE®

20-Years with ICE®  -Scott Crews-    20-Years with ICE® Scott Crews is celebrating 20-years with International Construction Equipment®! Beginning in April of 2002, Scott joined ICE® as a salesman of a line of drills offered by ICE. Scott remembers when he started working with the team there were three individuals at ICE that their sole focus was our drilling products. The team has since expanded under Scott's leadership. And like all ICE product lines th ... Read more