Coming Down the Pipe

Editor: Ashley Steele Downtown Tacoma, Washington is looking to create a sustainable future for their city and residents. A new stormwater pipeline will help to reduce flooding and improve surface water conveyance capacity for future growth in the downtown area. The 72" diameter pipeline will empty into a newly constructed outfall for the Thea Foss Waterway. James W. Fowler, based out of Oregon, is working with the city to design and ... Read more

ICE® Innovates for Ford Motor Company Expansion

Editor: Ashley Steele Ford Motor Company is placing innovation at the forefront of their newest expansion project. The new central campus of the company's Research and Development department will be constructed on the same location as the 66-year-old Product Development Center in Dearborn, MI. The state-of-the-art facility will include a walkable campus of interconnected buildings, that will house more than 20,000 employees. Hardman Construction, out of Ludington, MI was c ... Read more

Congratulations Wagman on your New Purchase!

Editor:  Ashley Steele One hundred and fifty thousand motorists in Fredericksburg, Virginia will soon have an extra lane of traffic to reduce congestion on their daily commute.  The $107.5 million dollar I-95 Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing Project will provide this extra lane, as well as a new bridge span over the river, and sidewalks under the overpasses that will allow pedestrians to safely transit from home to work and play. The huge undert ... Read more

The Whole Story

Driving Piles in spaces with low headroom Editor:  Ashley Steele Organic food is making its way to Jersey City, New Jersey. S Brothers Contractors based out of Manalapan, NJ is working to provide foundation support for a new Whole Foods that will be built inside an existing parking garage. The new grocery store will take up 47,542 square feet (about half the area of Manhattan city block)  ... Read more

Power of Connection

Power for over 32,000... Begins with the ICE® 66 Editor: Hailey Tatu Construction of a new electrical sub-station in Mansfield Township, New Jersey, is maximizing the power by lessening the surge from surrounding systems due to full overloads from economic development. PSE&G Power is overseeing statewide infrastructure upgrades that provide electricity to over 32,000 homes and small ... Read more

Driving the Bus for Driven Pile

Quick modifications help to keep things moving. Editor: Ashley Steele Downtown Minneapolis is getting a new transit hub.  The state-of-the-art Minneapolis Bus Garage Project is a $116.9 million dollar project to create a multi-faceted use location for the city buses.  The new structure will have over 400,000 sq ft of bus storage and maintenance facilities across two levels.  This will include 24 different maintenance bays with storage for up to 216 buses and li ... Read more

Methanol Plant Expansion with ICE® 44

Reduces new construction to have one of the lowest CO2 emissions ever. Editor: Hailey Tatu Methanex is a Canadian methanol manufacturer that operates two plants on site in Geismar, LA and has changed expansion plans saving them hundreds of millions. The world's largest producer and supplier of methanol had planned to build a third plant in Geismar with a budget of $1.4 billion, but after a global pandemic and reevaluat ... Read more

Powering Up Swamps

Power Lines in Florida Everglades done without a footprint!    Editor:  Ashley Steele    Altitude Energy, an environmentally friendly contracting company based in Fort Myers, Florida, was awarded a pile driving contract to install transmission power lines throughout the wetlands around Punta Gorda. This job is part of a larger project to connect transmission lines through the marshes near the everglades in Southe ... Read more

50ZR Saves the Sewer Line

Delaware Bridge Replacement   Editor: Hailey Tatu   Almost one-hundred (100) years from the original construction of the James Street Bridge, in Newport, is getting an overhaul while grappling with the notion of its failing sewer systems.  Newport is 100% focused on putting its best bridge forward by updating frequently used transportation arteries. Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc was awarded a ... Read more

ICE® 14C Helps First Responders

Rappahannock River Views Available to Pedestrians  Editor: Ashley Steele  The Chatham Bridge in Fredericksburg, VA is getting a make-over. The reconstructed bridge will receive a 10-foot-wide pedestrian path, new railings, light fixtures, and a new scenic overlook for viewing the Rappahannock River. The new structure will also enable for 15-ton weight limits enabling emergency vehicles to use the bridge without a forced ... Read more