CH 150 Advances Worker Safety

CH 150
Advances Worker Safety

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The hilly topography and infamous, historic cobblestone streets of Seattle, WA have caused great distress for drivers for as long as cars have been in the city. Half of the 100 cobblestone streets still in use, some dating back 120 years, are historically preserved and thus narrow down options for transportation. Even if the remaining 50 were paved, the steepness of roads throughout the region as well as the lumpy asphalt and potholes brought upon by ongoing construction continue to slow down traffic and endanger those with ambulatory disabilities. With this in mind, the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) is addressing the need for more convenient and accessible travel options. 

By 2024, the Lynnwood Light Rail will have four new light rail stops between Northgate and Lynnwood, WA. Two stops are being built in Shoreline, WA near 145th Street and 185th Street parallel to Interstate 5. Mountlake Terrace will host the next stop, and the last stop to be at Lynnwood City Center. The 8.5-mile extension is expected to get riders from Lynnwood to Downtown Seattle in 28 minutes, Shoreline to Downtown Seattle in less than 20 minutes, and to many other popular destinations in the Seattle region faster and more frequently. Other additions include a new facility for vehicle operation, maintenance, and storage as well as thirty-four 95-foot-long articulated light rail vehicles that will enhance mobility options in this dense corridor. 

At the edge of the Shoreline South/145th station closest to residential areas, Pearson Drilling is installing a sound abatement wall that will help reduce railway noise in those neighborhoods. The Pearson crew used a Comacchio CH 150 Drill Rig and an ICE® 7E Excavator-Mounted Vibratory Hammer for a low-headroom pile application. The CH 150 drilled a 30" (in) shaft to an 18' (ft) depth, followed by the ICE® 7E which drove the permanent caissons to grade. It is becoming increasingly common to find jobsites that cannot accommodate standard piling machines due to tight workspaces. The cabin and controls of the CH 150 were designed with space efficiency in mind, enabling it to perform a wide range of tasks in any sized area. Being able to swiftly maneuver the drill rig within a small space saves time and production costs for the contractor, and the crew can more safely move about on the job site. 

The professionals at Pearson know that confined workspaces present a higher risk of accident or injury, so taking proactive measures like planning rescue procedures and investing in proper equipment is crucial before entering the work zone. Brillant work, Pearson Drilling! Safety is a top priority for all customers, and the equipment experts at International Construction Equipment, Inc. are here to help. ICE® is thrilled to be able to provide deep foundations solutions to contractors, like Pearson, that best fit their assignment; helping to keep their crew safe and propelling them towards project success.  

Learn more about Comacchio's line of large diameter drill rigs and the ICE® 7E


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