CH 450 Purifies Polluted Soil

CH 450 Purifies Polluted Soil 

Editor: Allison Braswell 


One company's trash might be another company's treasure. The land that hosts an old, abandoned refinery is being remediated for the next business that may take its place. A leading soil and groundwater remediation firm was selected to deep mix the soil on the land, improving the characteristics of weak soils by mechanically blending them with a cementitious binder slurry. 

When looking for a powerful drilling tool for the job with soil mixing capability, the crew put their trust in a Comacchio CH 450 Drill Rig from International Construction Equipment, Inc to improve the soil. Equipped with a 9' (ft)-diameter soil mixing blade, the CH 450 was used to blend the soils to the maximum depth of 21' (ft). 

The process involved the use of an "in situ" blender, which mounts on the drill or excavator and distributes chemical amendments throughout the soil medium to treat contaminants and avoid the need for removing the soil for disposal. The chemical amendments can be oxidants, reductants, biostimulants, or soil stabilizers that treat anything from pesticides to chlorinated solvents. In this case, a permanganate solution was applied to disinfect the site. In situ is a much more cost-efficient option compared to conventional dig-and-haul and creates no risk of liability associated with transport of hazardous waste. 

The customer did an excellent job of pairing their formulation expertise with their drill rig from ICE® to prepare a fresh slate for the next establishment that adopts this now-purified piece of land. Talk to an ICE® Drilling Specialist today to learn how a Comacchio drill can guarantee success on your upcoming project. 

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