Comacchio Drill for Earth Retention

Comacchio Drill for Earth Retention
Culvert Replacement in the Queen City
Editor: Allison Braswell 


The City of Charlotte, NC is commencing their five-year mission to refine facilities and infrastructure for its ever-growing population. Funded by Mecklenburg County's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), hundreds of construction projects taking place during fiscal years 2023-2027 will help the city keep pace with its growing community of over 1 million residents (about the population of Delaware). Charlotte Water, an integral part of the regional economy, is overseeing a selection of projects that specifically aim to upgrade and expand water and wastewater infrastructure. The plan's investment of $1 billion (about $3 per person in the US) in just water and sewage projects alone shows local officials' dedication to public health and potential economic growth. 

One of the jobs on the agenda is the Toomey Avenue Storm Drainage Improvement Project, which involves an analysis of existing conditions to determine where changes are needed in the storm drainage system west of the city. Upon determination that a culvert needed to be replaced, Breccia Construction was selected to build a soldier pile and lagging wall that would support the excavation. Soldier pile and lagging wall systems consist of steel H piles installed in equal intervals before excavation, and horizontal lagging installed between them as excavation progresses. This staggering helps to resist the load of the retained soil and transfer it to the piles. Tiebacks can also be used to provide additional wall stability. 

Because they have depended on Comacchio drills for previous jobs, the client was confident in the quality performance that a Comacchio drill would bestow on this project. International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®) provided a Comacchio MC 15 P Drill Rig to enable the installation of thirty 9-5/8" (in)-diameter micro piles while the crew applied air rotary and duplex drilling methods. As expected, the superior motorization of the MC 15 P that delivers up to 168 kW (225 HP) of power helped achieve fast results, enabling the Breccia team to complete their project on time and on budget. 

Thank you, Breccia Construction, for allowing ICE® to support you in improving Charlotte's vital public works. International Construction Equipment, Inc. is appreciative of its long-standing partnership with Breccia and proud to represent Comacchio's fleet of efficient and reliable drill rigs. For rental and purchase details for your foundation drilling needs, please consult with ICE®'s experienced drilling specialists. 

Learn more about the Comacchio MC 15 P and other fully articulated multipurpose rigs of the Comacchio fleet. 


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