Coming Down the Pipe

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Downtown Tacoma, Washington is looking to create a sustainable future for their city and residents
A new stormwater pipeline will help to reduce flooding and improve surface water conveyance capacity for future growth in the downtown areaThe 72" diameter pipeline will empty into a newly constructed outfall for the Thea Foss Waterway.
James W. Fowler, based out of O
regon, is working with the city to design and construct the Jefferson Hood Stormwater Interceptor
Beginning in October 2021, the design phase was completed, and construction had begun but was suddenly halted when the "Apex", the Antaeus 320 was having major trouble installing sheet piles and slowed the job causing significant issues for the contractorOnce this was addressed and they began to build a simple cofferdam for excavation efforts for the new pipeline, Fowler hit another snag with an Antaeus 320, aka Apex, vibratory hammer seceded to operate. Being such a professional team, the James W Fowler group, reached out to Mike Clark of ICE®, a piling veteran of the Greater Seattle area to ask for advice and a dependable machine. MrClark went to work and placed a model that is tried-and-true across the globe, the ICE® Model 44B.
Due to the ICE® Model 44B
 versatility and the super quick thinking of the James W Fowler team, they were able to continue quickly and make up for lost time originally caused by an Antaeus hammer with zero service. James W Fowler is 100% excited to share that the ICE® 44B is outperforming the so-called Apex, Antaeus 320. The ICE® 44B Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor has a moment of 4400-inch pounds versus the Anteaus 320 Apex that only has 3200-inch pounds, even though both hammers are in the same weight class.
We can also see from the comparison chart below that the ICE
 ® 33 would have been a great option for this job, still outperforming the Antaeus 320 and the HPSI 300. ICE ® 33 fits into a very niche class with the APE 200.



ICE® was also asked to create a specialized vibratory hammer stand for this customer, as this job will be mobile, moving through streets in the city of Tacoma with limited laydown spaceThe hammer stand will allow the customer to place the pile driver upright, consuming less space, and making it easier to pick up to begin each day.

This is an ongoing project that will be completed in fall of 2022As this project progresses ICE® will be ready to assist with service, equipment and install expertiseWe are grateful for our new customers, James W. Fowler, and excited to see them through on this job. 


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