Congratulations Scott Crews! 20 years with ICE®

Scott Crews - Drilling Product Manager
20-Years with ICE® 

-Scott Crews-   

20-Years with ICE® Scott Crews is celebrating 20-years with International Construction Equipment®! Beginning in April of 2002, Scott joined ICE® as a salesman of a line of drills offered by ICE. Scott remembers when he started working with the team there were three individuals at ICE that their sole focus was our drilling products. The team has since expanded under Scott's leadership. And like all ICE product lines they started with service, later advancing to rentals and sales. Our team is known to have a very hands on service approach since our very existence in 1974. Preventative care is key to all client success.

As the Drilling Division Director, Crews now oversees additional sales team and service to ensure that ICE client's have the tools necessary to get the job done on-time. Crews explains that he enjoys working with our clients formulating solutions for the most complex situations. Working in harmony with his team, he has seen the drilling department expand and offer a vast amount of drilling rigs in our rental fleet.

Scott Crews and his loving wife of 32 years live in NC. Crews is proud to be a leader of the drilling division of ICE®. We are glad to have Scott Crews as part of the ICE® family.
Congratulations on your 20-years of service!

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