Connecting the Crossroads of America

Connecting the Crossroads of America
Long-Awaited Interstate Rehaul Enters Final Phases 

Editor: Allison Braswell 

For the last leg of a project that has been decades in the making, the State of Indiana rewarded more than $1 billion in construction contracts to finally complete the reconstruction of Interstate 69 between Evansville and Indianapolis. First imagined in the 1970s and beginning in 2008, this $4-billion project on the 142-mile corridor has created new local access road connections, interstate access points, and overpasses and underpasses. According to INDOT, it was the longest contiguous new terrain interstate construction project in the country at the peak of construction in 2012. This has set the stage for new business and career opportunities, better access to education and healthcare, and potentially $4.1 billion in positive economic impact in southwestern Indiana over the next two decades. 

The sixth and final section of the project that the State recently funded, named I-69 Finish Line, takes place between Martinsville and Indianapolis, and is expected to be open to traffic by late 2024--three years ahead of the initial completion date. This portion includes, but is not limited to, over 26 miles of new interstate highway, 8 miles of new lanes for a wider I-465, more than 35 lane miles of new local access roads, dozens of bridges to be built or restored, and enough new pavement to cover 469 football fields. Upon completion, INDOT predicts 11 minutes of travel time saved for drivers between Martinsville and Indianapolis and 1,300 fewer accidents in the region annually. 

As their part in the journey to the finish line, Walsh Construction of Chicago is taking on the last stretch of the interstate, starting in Johnson County. To boost production time, they employed two ICE® I-19 Diesel Impact Hammers for driving 14-inch diameter H-piles of 70-80' (ft) length for the pile driving template. For the foundation of the bridge, 10-foot-long spiral welded pipe piles of 54" (in) diameter were driven by the ICE® 110C Vibratory Driver/Extractor.  After the soil was drilled out, rebar cages were fitted in the piles and filled with cement to strengthen the piles. 

To minimize impacts on the natural environment, chain link fencing was put in place to direct wildlife to a safe crossing underneath the interstate at Little Indian Creek in Martinsville. The I-69 Finish Line project includes the construction or preservation of over 30 acres of wetlands, 350 acres of trees, and over 14,000 linear feet of stream improvements. International Construction Equipment, Inc is honored to partner with Walsh Construction to add the finishing touches to the nation's newest interstate and help uphold Indiana's status of having the finest Crossroads of America! 

Learn more about the ICE® 110C and the ICE® I-19V2


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