CSXT Railroad chooses OCCI for Bridge Replacement Project

CSXT Railroad chooses OCCI for Bridge Replacement Project
ICE assists with rail bridge support efforts.

Editor: Debbie Reaney

The CSX Transportation Railroad bridge crossing built in 1927, recently required the replacement of its original timber framework where Lizard Creek meets the Tensaw River in Hurricane, AL because timber doesn't have the life span of the more modern steel and concrete methods of construction. OCCI of Fulton, MO was chosen to do the work due to their innovative construction approach to the rehabilitation and repair of existing bridges, as well as their past performance working on other CSX projects. 

Time is cost savings when time is critical. This being the case, OCCI selected ICE® to provide the knowledge and equipment due to their history of successful railroad bridge replacements on schedule and within budget. Many challenges existed on this project including; having to remove portions of the existing bridge to drive piling through (and around) what is there, trains constantly running by, river level changes, budget constraints and more. Initially, OCCI utilized their own 66 ICE® Vibro, purchased 5 years ago, to drive the 42" (Inch) caissons. In the next phase of the project, which included 36" (Inch) diameter pipe at depths of close to 80' (Feet), OCCI chose to try something they had not used before; a continuous flight auger (CFA). ICE® Service technicians were there to help with first time use of the CFA leads and auger setup. The outcome was a success due to the versatility of the ICE® 115 auger in tandem with the powerful ICE® 110 vibratory hammer, which proved to be both a time savings to the contractor & a more cost efficient way for removal of the old pilings. 

ICE® is pleased to provide this team with the equipment necessary to complete this job quickly, safely, and within budget. We value our relationship with OCCI Engineering Contractors and are proud that they have chosen to use ICE® for our vast variety of deep foundation equipment and our outstanding ICE® service and support.  

Learn more about our equipment specifications: Model 66C, Model 110 & Model 115-50

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