Diverting Waters at Illinois River

Diverting Waters at Illinois River
Editor: Allison Braswell 

The McClugage Bridge has been carrying over 20,000 daily commuters over the Illinois River to and from Peoria, IL for nearly 75 years. As weather, vehicle use, and salt used in snow removal have caused the bridge to deteriorate, it has finally come time to commence some long-awaited improvements. Reconstruction of the eastbound span of the bridge began in 2019. This 3-lane structure requires 22 new piers, each of which is 11' (ft) wide and rises 30 to 40' (ft) in the air. It will also include a 14' (ft) multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists. But like every successful building project, securing support for the bridge and all its features starts with a sturdy foundation. 

IDOT awarded American Bridge Company of Coraopolis, PA with the opportunity to create a dry workspace for building the piers that will support the structure's 40 million pounds of steel. They chose the ICE® 44B Vibratory Hammer/Extractor to drive both vertical and battered pipe pile measuring 32" (inch) in diameter and 50' (ft) in length to form a watertight enclosure around the worksite. To help maintain a dry working environment for the crew, the ICE® I-80 Diesel Impact Hammer is also being used to further drive the templates to a depth that will keep water from seeping up into the other side of the wall. Any water that does make its way inside the enclosure can be removed with bypass pumps. When underwater construction is needed, cofferdams are a much safer option for controlling water flow compared to other methods like using divers. 

The new eastbound McClugage Bridge is expected to open in late 2023. An additional year of project work will be dedicated to the completion of the bridge over Adams Street and removal of the old structure. Excellent work so far to the experts at American Bridge! Commuters of Peoria are thrilled to see an increase in safety and a reduction in travel times upon the project's completion. 

Learn more about the ICE® 44B and ICE® I-80 


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