Docks Built to Last

Docks Built to Last with an ICE® Vibratory Pile Hammer

Editor: Alix Bemis

In the Midwestern United States, permanent docks are quickly gaining in popularity in lieu of traditional docks. This region of the country contains enormous amounts of bodies of water as well as very harsh and long winters. Many boat owners and lake property owners dread the annual task of removing their docks from the water in preparation for the lakes to freeze over in the Fall and putting them back into the water when the Spring thaw happens. Ice and snow are known to pose risk to a dock's stability, thus the reason that traditional docks cannot stay in the water during cold season. 

Permanent docks are very stable and are constructed using steel pilings, which are driven into the lakebed using drills or vibratory pile drivers/extractors. These docks do not need to be removed every year, which saves time and money usually spent annually. While these docks are typically more expensive than a traditional dock, they are certainly a value-add to property values. Permanent docks are ideal for lakes with a relatively stable water level and not suitable for areas with potential for sustained or intense ice heave during the Winter. 

Lakeshore Pier Service, based out of Palmyra, WI, specializes in the service and construction of waterfront solutions. They have served southeastern Wisconsin for over 20 years. One of Lakefront Pier Services specialties are the design and construction of custom permanent docks. To drive the steel pipe pile required to support and stabilize these permanent docks, Lakeshore uses an ICE® Model 2 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor that they purchased from International Construction Equipment, Inc. These little ICE® Vibratory Pile Hammers greatly improve the speed at which the piers for permanent docks get installed.  Historically, Lakeshore used air hammers for installing these pilings which would take up to an hour per piling.  The ICE® Model 2 Vibratory Pile Driver drives the steel pile in less than a minute. 

The benefits of a dock that will not get damaged from harsh Winters, does not require annual installation and removal, and adds value to waterfront properties seems to outweigh the higher price tag of having a permanent dock installed. 

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