Dooker’s Hollow Bridge Driven Piles

Dooker's Hollow Bridge Driven Piles
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The Dooker's Hollow Bridge in Braddock, PA was originally built in 1940 and carries approximately 2,500 vehicles each day. The bridge connects Bell Avenue in North Braddock Borough and Center Street in East Pittsburgh Borough over O'Connell Boulevard. Before being demolished in February 2021, the original structure was a 635-foot-long arched cantilever truss bridge and will be replaced with a 660-foot-long steel girder span. Allison Park Contractors began construction in October 2020 and the expected project completion date is set for December 2021.

Bridge foundations are critical because they must support the weight of the bridge and the traffic loads that they will carry. The new Dooker's Hollow Bridge deep foundation was designed for complex subsurface conditions and optimal constructability. Allison Park Contractors are using an ICE® Model I-19 Diesel Impact Pile Hammer with ICE® 32-inch Swinging Leads to drive the piles required to carry the load of the new bridge. For the installation of the piles, holes were pre-drilled and an ICE® I-19 Diesel Impact Pile Hammer was used to drive the HP14x117 Steel H-Piles into the ground. 

The Dooker's Hollow Bridge project will cost $9.95 million and was one of 43 older bridges slated for replacement in a $62 billion plan laid out in 2016 by the state Transportation Commission.

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