Drainage Dunce Clamp: For the smallest pipe driving

Editor: Debbie Reaney

Proper drainage is key to negating flooding and damage to residents and communities that abut the Hudson River. Jersey City, NJ is a city that is focused on creating a system to move excess storm-water back into the river. After the effects of Hurricane Sandy, the whole New York and New Jersey region are working on projects to not only drain water, but to also generate a safe location during any future intense weather systems.

JF Creamer was sub-contracted to place an outfall system with cofferdam near the Washington Street Pier in Jersey City, NJ. The project called for 11-inch diameter caisson pipe piles to be installed. With such small piles, the customer needed an inventive solution for driving these piles efficiently. Calling on the creative professionals at ICE®, JF Creamer was able to utilize a new piece of equipment that ICE® has engineered and manufactured.  

The ICE® 99 Dunce Clamp was designed with small pipe piles in mind. For this application, the clamp was attached to the ICE® 22 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor. While a set of caisson clamps on a beam were required in the past, this dunce clamp set up allows for only one clamp to grab the small pile. This clamp offers a rounded jaw system, producing better clamping pressure when lifting and driving pipe piles smaller than 18" inch in diameter.

JF Creamer was able to drive these piles to grade while overlooking the beautiful Manhattan Skyline, thanks to the innovativeness of ICE®'s forward thinking. ICE® strives to offer inspired solutions for any foundation project, and no job is too large or small!

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