Drilling in Downtown Ohio

Drilling in Downtown Ohio 
HS75 groundwork for new modern multi-use hotpot  

Editor: Debbie Reaney

Downtown Columbus is upgrading its city skyline with the development of a new 13-story multi-use tower. Just across the street from St. Joseph's Cathedral built in 1878, located at 195 Broad Street, will be the site of a new modern design structure. The construction will feature rental units on floors 6-12 with amenity space on the 13th floor, a rooftop deck with an outdoor pool onsite, and 2,5000 square feet of retail space along the city street. To match the aesthetic and warmth of the city around it, the exterior of the building will have bronze smooth metal panels, warm gray brick, and bronze windows on the storefronts. Being inner city, the calculations and precision of the job were no small task. 

Keller, the largest geotechnical specialist contractor in the world, was awarded the contract for the grand addition to downtown. After demolition of the old existing structure, the critical specialized foundation work started. Keller relied on the ICE® extensive rental fleet for immediate availability of an ICE ® HS-75 Hydraulic Rotary Head running with an ICE ® 450 Power Unit. 

The ICE® HS-75 Rotary Head was used in conjunction with 16" of CFA flighting to drill to a depth of 50 feet. This will allow Keller to grout in the foundation, creating a solid base for such a large structure. This awesome new addition of 195 Broad Street Columbus will bring life and opportunity to the area. 

ICE® is grateful for the partnership with Keller and feels this relationship enables the two companies to work hand in hand on some of the most awe-inspiring projects in the United States.  Thank you for the opportunity. 

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