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SouthCoast Rail Project- Boston
Editor: Ashley Steele

SouthCoast Rail project is a multi-phase project which will bring new commuter rail service to the south Boston area towns.  These towns have never had commuter access and with this addition it will ease traffic and commuting times.  In total, six new commuter stations will be added along with over 36 miles of reconstructed rail lines.

Phase 1 of this project, which is now underway, has been funded with $1 billion dollars of state revenue bonds.  As a part of this phase, Middlesex-Perini JV has been tasked with installing sheet piling for pedestrian platforms.  These platforms will be built next to the commuter train and will offer a safe walkway to the nearest roadway if the train stops.   This will allow riders to 
make it to a bus or rideshare option quickly, instead of being delayed by the stopped train.
Middlesex-Perini JV is using an ICE® 33 Vibratory
 Driver/Extractor to place over 25,000 wall feet for the platforms.  These Z piles will act as the foundation for the safest pedestrian platforms.  Due to the placement of these platforms, Middlesex-Perini JV had to utilize the railroad tracks in order to get the job done.  They were able to utilize an electric train to pull the crane and train cars with the pilings as they worked.  By using this tactic, they were able to move down the rail and place the piles as they traveled, saving time and money.  

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