Driving Sheet Pile in Wildwood, NJ

Driving Sheet Pile in Wildwood, NJ
Editor Alix Bemis

Northeast Remsco Inc. is driving 60' sheet pile using an ICE® Model 50ZR Zero Resonance Vibratory Driver & Extractor next to the Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. The sheet piles are for a cofferdam that will house pump equipment for an out-fall that leads to the ocean.

Northeast Remsco Inc is a New Jersey Construction company that specializes in heavy civil, treatment plants, infrastructure, and underground utility construction projects. 

Media Contact-
Pollyanna Cunningham, MA, MBA
Director Marketing, Brand and Media Relations
ICE® - International Construction Equipment, Inc
Office - 704-821-8200
Email - marketing@iceusa.com

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