Dundalk Marine Terminal is Efficiency Bound

Dundalk Marine Terminal is Efficiency Bound 

Editor: Allison Braswell 

The 570-acre Dundalk Marine Terminal is the largest and most versatile cargo facility at the Port of Baltimore, it is also one of the top 10 busiest terminals in the nation. It is not unusual for semi-trailer truck drivers to wait for up to eight hours to pick up shipping containers that cargo ships unload onto the terminal due to the sheer volume housed on every vessel. Not only does the heavy traffic pose dangers on the road, but the old age of the bridge also raises concerns for overall public safety.  

Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT), in partnership with the Secretary's Office of the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Maryland Port Administration (MPA) decided that the best solution was to start fresh with a new bridge. The replacement of this functionally obsolete bridge on Broening Highway over Colgate Creek, will enable trucks to reroute away from residential communities, addressing major impacts upon residents' quality of life, and allow them to access I-95 more efficiently and safely. 

Allan Myers Construction was awarded the contract for this critical infrastructure plan and utilized the combined the power of ICE®'s vibratory hammers and ICE diesel impact hammers to replace the first portion of the two-lane bridge with a new four-lane bridge. After one side of the old bridge was demolished, the team pre-set the 46" (inch) diameter caissons needed for the new foundation using the ICE® 44E Vibratory Driver/Extractor. The next portion of driving was left up to both the ICE® I-80 and the ICE® I-125 Diesel Impact Hammers dependent on the soil and driving conditions. Completion for this project is currently estimated for Spring 2024. 

Once the new bridge is completely installed, the port will be able to better manage global supply chain challenges and move goods more proactively, shortening the time for trucks to get in and out of the port when these mega ships are unloaded. Thank you to Allan Myers for trusting ICE®'s vibratory and diesel equipment to help boost efficiency and safety near the nation's busiest port for automobiles and Ro/Ro cargo ships. 

Learn more about the ICE® 44EICE® I-80V2, and ICE® I-125V2


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