Environmental Cleanup

ICE Model 33 Vibratory Pile Hammer
Environmental Cleanup with an ICE 33 Vibratory Pile Hammer

Editor Alix Bemis

J. Fletcher Creamer & Son is a nationally recognized top infrastructure contractor serving businesses, government agencies & utility companies.

As part of an environmental cleanup project at an old factory site in Jersey City, NJ, they drove up to 40' long PZ-27 and AZ-40 sheeting for cofferdams using the ICE® Model 33 Vibratory Pile Driver and Extractor (also known as a Pile Hammer).

Among the many vibratory hammers that at J. Fletcher Creamer & Son have rented from ICE®, they loved the performance and lighter weight of the ICE® Model 33 Vibratory Pile Driver and Extractor.

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