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Better, Faster, Smarter Billboard Installs

Editor: Ashley Steele

Billboard startups take a few days using drilling methods but not for Ultralum who has chosen to think outside of the box.  This team has partnered with the vibratory hammer specialists at ICE® and redesigned a faster and smarter way to get the job done safely and efficiently.  With their new innovative methods, UltraLum can put in a new digital billboard in just one afternoon.  The latest site to get one of these 50 ft tall LED screens is on a stretch of I-91 between Hartford and New Haven, CT.

UltraLum rented an ICE® 50B Vibratory Driver/Extractor to drive two 42" diameter caissons with a .75" wall thickness.  The first pile was driven 39' into the ground in only 6 minutes due to the soil conditions.  Using a second spliced section that was then UT tested for integrity of the weld, this section was then driven in for a second 6-minute period to 73 feet deep in the ground.   A strong foundation support system for these heavy billboards. 
Once secured the final top piece to the billboard was attached to the foundation in a matter of hours. 

This electronic billboard will be wired and ready to go "live" in less than a week from the beginning of installation.  Ultralum explained to us that their ads are uploaded into a cloud, which can be added or removed from the billboard almost instantaneously.  Keep your eye to the skyline as UltraLum and ICE® have an ongoing partnership, which will allow these quick installation billboards to continue to pop up adding aesthetically pleasing messages to your commutes. 

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