Salmon Pens Installed in Puget Sound

Fish Net Pens on the Seattle Waterfront in Puget Sound Installed Using an ICE 14D Vibratory Pile Hammer

Editor Alix Bemis

The Muckleshoot and Suquamish Native American Tribes conceptualized a project to enhance the Coho Salmon run in the Puget Sound. The purpose was to benefit their Tribes with their gill nets and to enhance the sport fishing in the Puget Sound region. 

Innovasea, a pioneer in developing end-to-end solutions for aquatic ecosystems, developed the design of the net pens that are along the Seattle waterfront which are secured with piling and anchors. These net pens hold juvenile salmon which are released when they mature.  

In early 2006-2007, Blackwater Construction installed 12 piles using an ICE® Vibratory Pile Hammer which secured the first juvenile salmon pen. Five of the piles driven for the first pen were in 30' of water and were driven 16' below mudline. To keep the net pens near the beach it is not possible to use standard Danforth anchors. 

In early 2021, the second salmon pen was completed. An ICE® Model 14D Vibratory Pile Hammer was used for two days on-site while driving 4"x20' inch pile. Although a minor hiccup happened when a pop-off valve came loose and a pin broke off on the Vibratory Hammer, an ICE® representative was on site during operations to fix the pile driving equipment and keep everything on schedule. 

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