Floating Dock on Dorchester Bay

Floating Dock on Dorchester Bay
Editor: Allison Braswell 

Located on Dorchester Bay and just seven miles south of Boston, Safe Harbor Marina Bay in Quincy, MA offers its members an unparalleled nautical experience. Its 686-slip marina grants access to northern New England's pristine waters, while members can also be entertained by upscale restaurants and lounges along the boardwalk. 

Safe Harbor Marina Bay is expanding its fun-filled atmosphere by adding another floating dock to the marina. A floating dock is an unsinkable platform that rises and falls with water levels, making it a convenient solution for docking boats in tidal waters because it is always perfectly leveled with the water. Some floating dock exteriors are made of plastic or treated timber filled with a polystyrene (Styrofoam) interior that keeps the dock afloat if the exterior drum were to get punctured. The dock being built for this job consists of concrete, which is highly effective at withstanding high tides and strong winds. Two pilings, or dolphins, are typically required to anchor the dock to the shore. 

Before constructing the new dock, several old pipe piles must be removed from the job site to make way for the fresh pile. Atlantic Coast Tug & Marine out of Derry, NH used their ICE® 22D Vibratory Driver/Extractor, which they purchased from International Construction Equipment, Inc in 2022, equipped with a Model 99 Pipe clamp to extract the old pipe pile of 16" (in) diameter and 80' (ft) length. The contractor was impressed with the seamless job that the Model 99 Pipe clamp made of pulling the piles that were full of clay, picking up production time by around 50% according to the client Adrian Whitamore. Many other clamps cannot grab 12-inch H-beams securely without trimming the tops first, but the straight jaws of the Model 99 Pipe clamp require no cutting of H-beams to achieve a firm grip, saving thousands in costs and hours of labor. This hammer and clamp pairing was also used to install the new dock's piles of 14" (in) diameter and 50' to 60' (ft) lengths. As a finishing touch, plastic sleeves were fitted over the newly-driven piles to bedeck the new floating dock.  

With their expertise in deep foundations, ICE®'s sales representatives keep clients like Atlantic Coast Tug & Marine informed throughout their experience with their pile driving equipment. The ICE® servicing team is always available to step in and tackle any challenges to make sure your project succeeds. Nice work, Atlantic Coast Tug & Marine, for creating a safe and comfortable place for Safe Harbor members to dock their vessel and utilizing a clamp that can do things that could not be done before. 

Learn more about the ICE® 22D and Model 99 Pipe clamp


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