Foundations in Russia

ICE ® provides foundations for new power lines

 ® is an international recognized deep foundation equipment manufacture, who's equipment is shipped globallyIn early 2021, the North Carolina team headed to the Russian wilderness for a setup that would be key to installing over 15-miles (25-km) of new powerlines with D & M Construction. ICE ® global brand recognition brought D&M to contact us for install innovation and consulting.  ICE ® involvement and reliability on this project has enabled the success of the D&M team to finish ahead of schedule

purchased a 2021 ICE
 ® International Model 58 Vibratory Driver/Extractor (aka U.SModel 50B) and a 595 Power UnitOur Russian Equipment Service team helped D&M chose the ICE ® Model 58, because unlike others who claim to be the samethe model 58 driving power in comparison to its light weight enables the contractor to seamlessly drive large piles with ease of mobility. This one feature benefit alone enabled D&M to use their own 80-ton crane and allowed them to be more adaptable than using a 110-ton crawler crane.

Starting with foundations for the power transmission lines, the ICE ® Model 58 drove 66" (66-inch) diameter pipe piles that were 40' (40-feet) long totaling a weight of 19,500 pounds (about the weight of a school bus)The pipes were installed to grade and then drilled out and filled with concrete. The steel 66" casings were extracted by thICE ® Model 58 while the next 66" pipe pile was being filled with concrete to maximize productivity 

D & M Construction is way ahead of schedule and extremely satisfied with the performance of the ICE ® vibratory driver/extractor 

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