Foundations Keeping the Lights on in Ohio

Foundations Keeping the Lights on in Ohio  

Editor: Allison Braswell 

A substantial portion of Interstate 75 near Dayton, OH has been undergoing major improvements to meet new and improved safety standards. The construction of new roadways and overpasses has created a need for changes to surrounding overhead power lines. Sufficient ground clearance between power lines and the highway is necessary to allow the tallest vehicles to pass without danger. If these lines remain in their current locations, an oversized heavy-load dump truck, for instance, could contact one of the wires and cause a fire, power outage and even worse kill those who are inside or around the vehicle. To ensure the safety of all motorists, the Ohio Department of Transportation requested that FirstEnergy take measures to re-evaluate the current elevation of their existing power lines. 

Accomplishing this task quickly and with as little disruption as possible was imperative. With safety and speed in mind, FirstEnergy selected M. Betters Construction, Inc. to install new foundations for the power lines over I-75. M. Betters choose the mighty ICE® 110C Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor to install the 132-inch diameter caissons for the driven 80' (ft) foundations.  

The I-75 Power Line project is expected to be completed by Fall 2022. Cheers to M. Betters on successfully executing this job swiftly and safely. ICE® is proud to have been selected by M. Betters Construction to provide the equipment needed to ensure safe travel for Ohio's commuters and visitors.  

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