Harker’s Island Bridge

NC First Carbon Pile Driven with ICE 
Editor: Ashley Steele 

Harker's Island in Beaufort NC is creating new connections and making firsts with new pile technology Carbon Fiber enforced Concrete. Carbon reinforced concrete is a composite material consisting of carbon fiber fabrics or bars combined with fine-grained concrete enabling varied shapes and a higher load-bearing capacity. This will make this new Harker's Island the first bridge in North Carolina with carbon fibers in the concrete foundation. 

The N.C. Department of Transportation contracted with Balfour Beatty to oversee the replacement of the Earl C. Davis Memorial Bridge (Bridge No. 73) and Bridge No. 96. These important corridors are the main connection bridges between the mainland and Harker's Island, known as Down East and home to the coast's most popular tourist attraction, Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and National Seashore. The bridges are more than 50 years old and require new and innovative techniques to protect the area's rich history, traditions, and culture. 

Balfour Betty utilized their ICE® 44B and 66C for installing trestles and the mega template for the bridge itself, they needed something to drive the 36" concrete pilings. Balfour Beatty purchased a new ICE® I-62 Diesel Impact Hammer to get the job done. The I-62 was run on the 1st setting with a 12-inch cushion to not overstress the 110 ft concrete piles. These guys are real experts in technical driving in NC! 

We are so very thankful that Balfour Beatty choose to trust the ICE® equipment. Knowing through experience, that the ICE ® hammers could easily handle such a ground-breaking project. What an honor! 

Everyone is also thrilled to also announce that once the new bridges are constructed, one-half of the historic bridge will remain to be loved by anglers, tourists and locals overlooking the North River. 

ICE® would like to congratulate Balfour Beatty on leading the way in this historical innovation!

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