ICE® 14C Helps First Responders

Rappahannock River Views Available to Pedestrians 

Editor: Ashley Steele 

The Chatham Bridge in Fredericksburg, VA is getting a make-over. The reconstructed bridge will receive a 10-foot-wide pedestrian path, new railings, light fixtures, and a new scenic overlook for viewing the Rappahannock River. The new structure will also enable for 15-ton weight limits enabling emergency vehicles to use the bridge without a forced detour for a faster and safer response.  
At an estimated cost of $23.4 million dollars, but with the added benefit to save lives, the state of Virginia is utilizing funds from the VA Good Repair Program which is part of the state funded transportation budget. This life saving bridge upgrade was awarded to the infamous Joseph B. Fay Company. This contractor is out of Pittsburgh, PA and utterly understands how bridge repair must happen to sustain lives and improve to market supply chains.  
The versatile ICE® 14C Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor is used on a regular basis to build foundations in tight spots, like under existing structures and bridges.  This unit is unique as it does not have to be disassembled to fit. It can be mounted directly to an excavator or hung from a crane and works well in both applications. J.B. Fay Company decided to attach the ICE® 14C to an excavator, allowing the customer to effectively drive the sheet piles while working in confined spaces under the existing structure. J.B. Fay Company team was thrilled with the ICE® 14C install that they are preparing to use the same setup to pull these temporary sheet piles. 
Our ICE® Team is thrilled that this J.B. Fay Company project will bring new life to the 79-year-old Chatham Bridge, which hosts over 16,000 vehicles a day. Building bridges and connecting people with ideas, nature and each other is at the core of everything ICE® loves to be involved with and this job is no different. Hats off to an innovative customer. 
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