ICE® 28C Sets Sail in Heart of Marine Business

ICE® 28C Sets Sail in Heart of Marine Business
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Buildings on Robinson Bayou in Panama City, FL that were previously used for corporate and college research operations were damaged by Hurricane Michael, a Category 5 hurricane that swept through the state in 2018. However, with some restorations, Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan saw a new purpose for the property. 

Suzuki invested 1.7 billion JYP ($11.7 million) into the development of a Marine Technical Center on Robinson Bayou, a testing facility for its outboard engines. As the first of its kind for the company outside of Japan, the 20-acre site provides five refurbished buildings and a large basin area for operations, testing, and boat storage. The eastern region of the U.S. accounts for nearly half of the boat market in the nation, so by conducting development in an environment much closer to its customers, Suzuki aims to better refine its outboard technology in real-world conditions and promote the collaboration of U.S.-based boat builders. 

The marine construction experts at RJ Gorman Marine were entrusted with building a boat ramp for the facility. They were amazed by how fast the ICE® 28C Vibratory Hammer pulled the 60' (ft) PZ-27 sheets after the ramp's concrete was poured. Having this addition on the water will contribute to Suzuki's quality control and even the diversity of Panama City's economy. 

International Construction Equipment, Inc. is proud to have partnered with RJ Gorman to provide them with a time-saving solution for this job. ICE® continues to deliver best-in-class customer service that guarantees high-rated project success.  

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