ICE® 416 Helps Boaters and Fish Stay Safe

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Fishing is one of North America's top-rated outdoor recreation activities. While we sometimes forget that it is the fish hatcheries that play an instrumental role in making sure fish remain a sustainable food source for people and wildlife. It is these US (United States) hatcheries that provide just enough for sport enthusiasts to throw in a line from time to time without major environmental penalties. The Welaka National Fish Hatchery in Florida is committed to raising warm water fish that are integral to the Georgia, Alabama, and Florida communities.

Barefoot Marine Construction of Jacksonville, Florida was contracted to add an artificial inlet to help boaters navigate away from the hatcheries pump house. Before the inlet, boaters were often getting pulled in the direction of the pump house causing issues for the fish when released into the St. Johns River. The pump house's main purpose has been to re-circulate water for the fish to ensure they have enough water flow to thrive.

With many years in marine construction, Barefoot Marine turned to their marine equipment professional at ICE®. Driving PZ-27 sheet 60' piles into the water's edge, the ICE® 416 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor performed quickly and effectively with little disturbance in the already muddy environments. The ICE® 416 exudes 100 tons of driving force, making it a stellar option for marine driving conditions with some elasticity. These sheets will provide a 4-foot channel that will deter boats from disturbing the pump house and its newly released fish.

The Welaka National Fish Hatchery has been operating since 1926, it has been growing to keep up with demand and changing times. Barefoot Marine Construction and ICE® have helped ease some of those growing pains by efficiently installing a new water inlet, so that boaters and fish alike can live in harmony. #saveourfish #forlifeandsport 

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