ICE® 44B “Born to Run” Down NJ Highway

ICE® 44B "Born to Run" Down NJ Highway 

Editor: Allison Braswell 


Work continues on New Jersey Turnpike Authority's (NJTA) $24 billion capital improvement project (CIP) to increase safety and relieve congestion on New Jersey's major toll roads through the widening of lanes, shoulders, and entrances. First announced in 2020, the NJTA CIP calls for 14 expansion projects to be undertaken on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway, collectively widening about 100 miles of roadway. 

One of the contractors selected to work on this monumental project, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, is currently making improvements to various segments of the Garden State Parkway; including Route 9 and Route 287. US 9 and US 287 trace the Garden State Parkway and pass many businesses vital to the region's economic growth as well as residential developments that house their employees. Their work will help relieve traffic congestion on both roads and create extra room for emergency vehicles to pass during heavier drive-times. For this portion of the project the J.F. Creamer crew employed an ICE® 44B Vibratory Driver/Extractor plus their own ICE® 55 Dampener to drive 45' (ft) sheet piles. The ICE® 44B's built-in vibration suppressor with superior dampening abilities was further enhanced by the ICE® 55 Dampener's system of elastomers, which are rubber-like polymers that stretch and retract similarly to the inner workings of the hammer's suppressor housing to reduce vibration to the crane. 

The ICE® 44B has proven its success previously on this CIP, as International Construction Equipment, Inc has provided this same hammer to another segment of this project that took place previously on Route 46, Passaic Bridge, and River Drive. Congratulations J. Fletcher and team on a job well done! The residents and visitors to the Garden State are thrilled with the progress made on this massive project that is sure to boost mobility for generations to come. 

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